Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 4 — Finally!

We finally managed to get Round 4 of this delayed series in the books. We completed Round 3 way back on March 18, 2003!

Yea, We’ve done some “distraction” events since then but that’s quite the gap between rounds, for sure. Throughout the layoff in official racing, we’ve had a number of open track days and quite a few junior/parents team races. Those races have been very successful in generating interest and skills in the hobby from both the parents and the kids.

One of our stand-out junior drivers, Abe Maddox, who has been winning a whole lot of Dash and Team races lately was invited to race Round 4 of the series. Not only has Abe been winning, but his Mom, Shaylin, has also had some very impressive results. Shaylin has steadfastly supported Abe’s slot car racing interest since he cut his first laps on SR3 and often does practice races with us. So, it was no stretch to invite both of them to “officially” race with us in Round 4 of the 50/50 Series.

Our 50/50 Series is always a split between individually-prepared cars and house-prepared IROC-style cars so we started the day with an IROC race.

Race 1: Jag Hobbies NC-2 Mercs (i)
Home Cook’n, Jordan Walker, Jerry Pearson

Team Maddox also brought along Shaylin’s Dad, Fred Ebert, from Chicago. Fred raced 1/24’s back in the day and quickly got back into his groove. Fred won his first segment in green, a second in orange, and then finished up his rotation with a third place in white. Fred also led the race through the first two segments–very nice driving!

Sportsman driver, Jordan Walker, started slow but ended up bagging two segment wins and took over the lead after segment 2 and held on to it until segment 7. In the end, Jordan Walker hung on to second place and Jerry Pearson edged out Expert driver, George Peters, for the final podium spot. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 120 64 919.592
2 Jordan Walker 114 52 1036.892
3 Jerry Pearson 111 51 1035.574
4 George Peters 111 50 955.726
5 Fred Ebert 106 47 1044.919
6 Kevin Webster 105 42 979.928
7 Shaylin Maddox 95 38 956.091
8 Abe Maddox 93 32 1052.479
Race 2: Viper V-SPEC “SPEC RACER” Lexan GTP

Because Team Maddox had to depart early, we decided to run the Viper “SPEC RACER” class early. Eric Lane had graciously provided a brand-new RaceMasters MegaG+ 454 Chevelle car to the winner of the MegaG+ support class, which was slated for the second race of the day.  However, we decided to run the super-fast Viper V-SPEC race instead of the scheduled MegaG+ Support Class. The intent was to give Abe a shot at winning the prize MegaG+ car.

Abe didn’t waste any time getting down to business and took the checkers in the first segment of Race 2. Abe was on fire, setting the fastest lap of the segment, well over a second faster than his grandpa, Fred Ebert, with the second fastest lap. Abe would remain in the top three through the fastest race of the day until the end of the fifth segment. While Abe fought hard and stayed focused–even while sitting out for several rotations–he came up short in Segment 7 with only 14 laps. He fought hard in his final segment and was able to complete 22 of a possible 25 laps but came up short in terms of points and finished the race sixth overall, just 10 points shy of a podium spot.

To just report on this guy is inspiring. At 6 years old, he’s racing with some serious slot heads and does amazingly well! Not just winning heats or segments, he wins races!

Home Cook’n, Jordan Walker, George Peters

Yes, on this day the veteran drivers managed to fill the podium in a very hotly contested race. Jordan Walker drove superbly besting his Dad, Expert driver, George Peters, by just one point. Abe didn’t outright win the race but the podium finishers all agreed that the ‘Eric “Fast” Lane’ prize belonged to Abe Maddox. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 100 64 522.7
2 Jordan Walker 97 56 609.21
3 George Peters 100 55 522.464
4 Kevin Webster 97 50 599.636
5 Jerry Pearson 91 46 556.491
6 Abe Maddox 81 45 595.15
7 Fred Ebert 83 32 613.493
8 Shaylin Maddox 73 28 558.639
Race 3: Mega-G+ 1.7 Support Class
Hoe Cook’n, Kevin Webster, George Peters

With Team Maddox and Jerry Pearson vacating the premises after Race 2, we lost some serious competition and also corner marshals. The last two races were run with track call buttons, no marshals.

The MegaG+ 1.7 class has been an amazing addition to our program. The rules are HOPRA “BOX STOCK,” which is basically an out-of-the-package car with just tire changes allowed. This makes for some very close and competitive racing. This one did not disappoint.

The detailed results show an utter dogfight between Sportsman driver, Kevin Webster and Expert driver, George Peters. Both drivers split the four segments with two 2nd-place finishes each. In the end, they tied in total points but Kevin edged George out by just one lap. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 100 64 1150.184
2 Kevin Webster 98 48 1166.924
3 George Peters 97 48 1162.137
4 Jordan Walker 90 28 1168.967
Race 4: Viper V-SPEC F1/Indy 1.7 (i) Lexan
Home Cook’n, George Peters, Jordan Walker

The final race was all “Eric Lane” Viper V-SPEC F1/Indy cars with Harden Creek Lexan bodies. We tried to run these cars, which originally had Viper F1/Indy hard bodies, which were simply just too fragile and broke like cheap glass at the slightest wall or Lexan barrier hit.

The Lexan tape-attached bodies had some adhesion issues but, for the most part, worked far better than the plastic bodies.

This final race of the day was actually one of the closest races. As always, George Peters, was way focused on besting Home Cook’n and Sportsman drivers, Kevin Webster and Jordan Walker were in a heated points battle for the Sportsman series win.

While George was putting massive pressure on Home Cook’n, Jordan and Kevin were duking it out for the remaining points. It was a fuel race, which adds an element of strategy and luck to the mix. George is a very clever driver when it comes to timing pit stops and calculating how to utilize the variable to his advantage.

None of that seemed to matter to Kevin and Jordan as they swapped 3rd and 4th place points every segment. In the end, Jordan would end up with the 3rd spot on the podium but did not increase his points lead over Kevin, both ending the race with 36 points. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 100 64 1284.906
2 George Peters 97 52 1294.554
3 Jordan Walker 91 36 1299.672
4 Kevin Webster 90 36 1301.433

The points gap between Sportsman drivers, Jordan and Kevin, is now only 11 points. Round 5 is going to be a barn burner between the two drivers. The winner gets a mondo trophy and advances to the Expert class.

Points Standings after Round 4:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart* 1521 425 11379.8
2 George Peters* 1491 367 11029.06
3 Jordan Walker 1387 270 11642.62
4 Kevin Webster 1166 259 10880.77
5 Jerry Pearson 847 146 6362.813
6 Fred Ebert 189 79 1658.412
7 Abe Maddox 174 77 1647.629
8 Shaylin Maddox 168 66 1514.73
9 Eric Lane 687 51 4394.271
10 Shaun Lee* 466 51 1629.418
11 Martha Elderon 411 29 4115.863
12 Tim Bisson 126 6 1366.187
13 Jake Bisson 89 4 1250.72

It’s all about points. The last race is really between Jordan Walker and Kevin Webster. That is going to be an epic battle, for sure.

Team Maddox driver, Fred Ebert, is sitting in 6th place after only one visit to Stewart Raceway, which is very impressive. Not sure he’ll hang around town for the final round but he’s definitely a formidable slot head, no doubt.

Okay, next weekend is an open track day on Saturday. Kids and parents are welcome. Stay tuned for more details. Looks like the following weekend will work for the final round of the series.

Okay, shut up and drive!


The Villa Del Monte 500

Indiana isn’t the only place a 500-mile open-wheel oval track race takes place. We did one of our own Saturday in advance of the “Official” Indy 500 on Sunday.

Of course, our race was scale miles and we didn’t quite make it to 500. Instead, we stopped this race with around 450 laps (scale miles) completed on the Stewart Raceway III oval course (almost a scale mile) and called it a race.

Fast Qualifier: Kevin Webster’s Box-Stock MegaG+ 1.7 on the top step!

We did, however, complete a qualifying round prior to the actual race. Kevin Webster and Brad Sandahl would be the fastest two drivers in qualifying with Kevin doing a masterful job of bagging the Pole Position for the start of the 500-lap race.

Track: SR3 Oval Super Speedway
Date: May-27-2023 11:36
Class: Mega-G+ 1.7 Support Class Qualifying
Name Lap Time Speed (Mph) Place
Kevin Webster 2.033 788 1
Brad Sandahl 2.057 779 2
Jerry Pearson 2.221 721 3
Steve Stewart 2.264 708 4
Eric Lane 2.408 665 5
George Peters 2.965 540 6
Jordan Walker 3.425 468 7

The slot car version of our 500-lap race was on four lanes with 56-lap heats (segments), 45-lap fuel allocations, and way too many times through the rotation, which was never going to work out.

Regardless, the race went green just before noon and George Peters set the pace by leading the race by just one lap after 56 laps. Brad Sandahl, however, would set the fastest lap in the segment at 2.080.

Segment 2 was a dogfight between

Eric Lane, George Peters, and Brad Sandahl.  Eric came out on top by just one lap between each of the top three in the segment. After 112 laps, it was George Peters, Brad Sandahl, and Eric Lane at the top of the Leader Board.

At the end of Segment 3, Brad Sandahl would take the lead in the race with Eric Lane moving into 2nd place. Lots of action in the pits and plenty of drama.

Brad Sandahl would remain in the lead through segment 6 (221 laps) but fast qualifier, Kevin Webster, was quietly moving through the field and would finish the segment in 2nd place overall.

Segments 6 through 12 were a Brad Sandahl/George Peters show with Brad finishing his rotations prematurely in the lead at 424 laps. George Peters would win his share of segments while Eric Lane and Jerry Pearson held solid positions in 3rd and 4th. Meanwhile, speedster, Kevin Webster was laying down 1.9s laps on his way to 2nd place in Segment 12.

Kevin Webster would take over the lead after Segment 13 with just one more segment to go but out of the rotation with a lap total of 440. George Peters stayed close to Kevin in Segment 3 and completed it on the same lap, which would allow George to seal the deal in the final segment.

The final Segment of the grueling race would have George going into it with 387 laps, Brad Sandahl was out but and sitting in second at 424 laps, and Kevin leading with 440 laps but finished with his final rotation. George only needed 54 laps to win the overall race but that’s no easy feat when fuel racing is involved, anything can happen. Hard-charging Jerry Pearson and Eric Lane could not unseat any of the top three but that didn’t stop them from trying. Both finished the final segment on the same lap with 54 laps total and speedy lap times.

In the end, it was George Peters taking the checkers over fast qualifier, Kevin Webster, by just three laps. Detailed Results

Name Total
Run Time
George Peters 443 1 1217.93
Kevin Webster 440 2 1162.477
Brad Sandahl 424 3 1249.89
Jerry Pearson 420 4 1219.193
Steve Stewart 408 5 1183.247
Eric Lane 398 6 1222.274
Jordan Walker 359 7 1175.896

Because the Race Director muffed the race setup, we decided to call it a day when Brad had to exit. So we never did reach 500 laps but it was a great race anyway.

Hats off to Georgie for driving a very solid and fast race against some serious competition from both Experts and Sportsman drivers. Sportsman driver, Kevin Webster finished in 2nd place while Sportsman driver, Jerry Pearson finished in 4th place. Very competitive racing at 18v with pretty much stock MegaG+ 1.7 chassis’ and F1/Indy bodies.

Fast qualifier and 2nd place finisher, Kevin Webster would also clock the fastest lap during the race at 1.907 seconds.

After the main event, we tried an IROC race with a set of Viper V-Specs cars that Eric Lane graciously donated to the track. Sadly, the F1/Indy hardbodies didn’t handle wall time too well with this bunch of drivers. Two of us put two different cars into the wall early on and the bodies shattered like snowflakes against the wall. We aborted and tried a set of AW Super III NASCAR rigs. That didn’t work out so well either. We aborted the race after four segments due to axles popping out on wall contact. Jordan Walker was on top of the leaderboard when that one ended.

Okay, next time will get the race setup right and complete 500 or 600 laps. Until then, shut up and drive!


Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 3 – A Day On The Oval

The SR3 OvalRound 3 was another fast and furious race day with a pretty well-rounded (no pun intended) group of slot heads, as well as several guest appearances, including veteran slot car racer, Shaun Lee, all the way from Roseville, CA.

Speaking of well-rounded. Between Eric’s delicious donuts, all the snacks, and Kathy’s awesome lunch spread of lasagne, salad, and garlic bread, some of us are definitely getting more round. And, don’t get used to the “free lunch” action. We usually do a sandwich run to the local deli but Kathy had a hectic day going on and decided she couldn’t be bothered to support a sandwich run for us. And, no, it wasn’t because Slot Car Star, Shaun, made the long trek down from Sac. Though maybe we should offer him some sort of appearance incentive going forward.

During practice, neighbors Cameron and his son, Ely, dropped by to see what Stewart Raceway was all about. Both Cameron and Ely cut a bunch of laps with the rest of us during practice and then hung out and watched the first race while helping with marshaling. Both Cameron and Ely seemed to have enjoyed the visit and actually took to driving the cars very quickly. Of course, we hope they return again and again, we can always use more drivers.

With the veteran driver, Shaun Lee, in the house, it was going to be a bit rougher for everybody involved. Shaun has been racing slot cars as long, if not longer, than any of the other veteran Expert drivers in attendance and is well-versed in oval track racing. In fact, Shaun owned and operated a 50ft lap length, 6-lane, tri-oval aptly named “Shaunadega Raceway” right here in the Bay Area before Shaun relocated to Roseville. As you can see in the results, Shaun did not disappoint, finishing on the podium, second overall in the Expert ranks.

Speedster Expert driver, George Peters, continues to dominate the series with very impressive results in all classes and in spite of Home Cookn’s “home-field” advantage.

In the Sportsman ranks, Jordan Walker has a very commanding lead in points over second place, Kevin Webster, while Eric Lane holds a slim lead over Jerry Pearson for third in the Sportsman points chase.

Round 3 Overall Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 463 53 1413.081
2 Shaun Lee 466 51 1629.418
3 Steve Stewart 466 50 1550.843
4 Jordan Walker 414 29 1665.419
5 Eric Lane 408 25 1553.913
6 Jerry Pearson 213 12 790.741
7 Kevin Webster 192 12 799.48

Race 1: Retro Vipers “Maximum Leeway” Lexan (IROC) (12v)

Starting off a little wild with a loose but fast platform. Of course, we allowed everyone warm-up time to adjust to these very different cars. While the Experts duked it out, Eric “Fastlane” Lane, drove to victory in Segment 3, in the Blue lane! Eric followed that feat up with a second-place finish in Segment 4, in the Yellow lane! Very nice driving! (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 118 16 464.645
2 Steve Stewart 116 13 543.294
3 Shaun Lee 113 11 554.904
4 Eric Lane 104 7 558.158
5 Jerry Pearson 102 6 474.532
6 Jordan Walker 100 5 548.069

Race 2: MegaG+ 1.7 BOX STOCK “Indy/F1 Bodies” (18v)

Special guest, Shaun Lee, didn’t waste much time establishing himself with a nice win in the new MegaG+ support class. This class provides some amazingly competitive racing. Expert, Shaun Lee, put on a show as he managed to best Hone Cook’n by a lap in the end. Not to be outdone by the Experts, Sportsman driver, Jordan Walker, put in a very impressive effort and very nearly overtook Expert, Home Cook’n, for the second spot on the podium. Nice close racing, for sure. Jordan showed why he’s the current Sportsman-class points leader with some very nice driving. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Shaun Lee 120 16 313.83
2 Steve Stewart 119 13 305.733
3 Jordan Walker 119 11 329.762
4 Eric Lane 114 7 319.5
5 Jerry Pearson 111 6 316.209
6 George Peters 109 5 311.353

Race 3: Jag Hobbies NC-2 BOX STOCK “Merc Jalopy Bodies” (IROC) (15v)

The third race was yet another hotly contested battle between both the Experts and the Sportsman drivers. This IROC set was comprised of four brand new “box stock” Jag Hobbies NC-2 platforms with Georgie’s classic Mercury sedan hard bodies. The NC-2 is a magnet car but with these bodies installed and utilizing only the four inside lanes of the oval course, they can be really challenging to drive. George Peters proved he’s the real deal with a convincing win, besting Home Cook’n yet again by two laps while Shaun Lee pressured for the second podium spot the whole race. The Sportsman class was also very close with Jordan Walker besting Eric Lane by only two laps with Kevin Webster only one lap down. That’s competitive racing, folks! (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 116 16 387.879
2 Steve Stewart 114 13 386.638
3 Shaun Lee 114 11 397.977
4 Jordan Walker 97 7 397.009
5 Eric Lane 95 6 366.854
6 Kevin Webster 94 5 431.149

Race 4: Viper V-SPEC “SPEC RACER” Lexan GTP

The final race of the day and the feature event was the venerable Viper V-SPEC class. Shaun Lee clearly had a well-prepared car and seemed to have a slight top-speed edge. In fact, Shaun set a new V-SPEC lap record on the day with a 1.658-second lap in the tight Yellow lane. In spite of Shaun’s speed advantage, George Peters took advantage of his fuel management skills and bagged the win by just one lap over the hard-charging Shaun Lee in second.

Once again, the Sportsman racing was exceptionally close with Kevin Webster and Jordan Walker finishing on the same lap and Eric Lane just three laps down. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 120 16 249.204
2 Shaun Lee 119 13 362.707
3 Steve Stewart 117 11 315.178
4 Kevin Webster 98 7 368.331
5 Jordan Walker 98 6 390.579
6 Eric Lane 95 5 309.401

Sportsman Points Standings After Round 3

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Jordan Walker 995 98 7527.875
2 Kevin Webster 776 83 6832.854
3 Eric Lane 687 51 4394.271
4 Jerry Pearson 645 49 4770.748
5 Martha Elderon 411 29 4115.863
6 Tim Bisson 126 6 1366.187
7 Jake Bisson 89 4 1250.72

Expert Standings After Round 3

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 1086 162 7094.179
2 Shaun Lee 466 51 1629.418
3 Steve Stewart 1101 169 7502.416

“Unofficial” IROC Race 5

After all the official racing had concluded, another neighbor, Michael Hutchinson, popped in with his 12-year old daughter to show her what slot car racing was all about. Michael, being a former elite road cyclist and skier, is no stranger to competitive activities and neither is his daughter, Harper. Both of them did some hot lapping and didn’t hesitate for a second to join us in another race. We decided to introduce them to slot car racing with a magnet car and chose a house set of 1.7 MegaG+ cars with winged 3D-printed Super Modified bodies running at 18v.

Shaun Lee hadn’t gotten his fill of oval racing yet and managed to win two segments and the overall with a huge four-lap gap ahead of George Peters in second. Kevin Webster bagged his first heat win of the day in Segment 5 in the Green lane.

Michael and Harper naturally didn’t have much of a chance against this bunch. However, they had a serious battle going on between father and daughter with Michael besting Harper by just two laps in the end. I’d say that’s pretty close competition between two first-time slot car racers. Hope both drivers join us again soon. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Shaun Lee 120 16 406.881
2 George Peters 116 13 405.09
3 Steve Stewart 110 11 411.49
4 Kevin Webster 109 7 430.352
5 Jordan Walker 105 6 410.886
6 Michael Hutchinson 81 5 419.616
7 Harper Hutchinson 79 4 431.199

Hutchinson Challenge

Harper was not pleased with losing to her Dad in her first-ever slot car race. So she challenged Dad to a race-off, winner takes all the marbles; two drivers, two lanes, and 60 total laps. We decided to use another magnet car for this epic challenge race. Two cars were selected from the house Jag Hobbies TR-3 “Augoran” fleet for this match-up.

Short, sweet, and with plenty of carnage and arbitrage, Michael came out on top—again—by just two laps. Harper wasn’t happy but she seemed to really enjoy the race-off and pressuring Dad the whole time. Way fun stuff! (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Michael Hutchinson 60 16 243.092
2 Harper Hutchinson 58 13 254.293

Okay, shut up and drive!

Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 2

Cool napkins to go with the donuts, courtesy of Eric Lane in Round 1.

Round 2 was another fast and furious day of racing on the SR3 “Squeeze Lane” road course. The short stories were Jordan Walker topping the Sportsman points and  George Peters collecting the majority of Expert points. The weather was sunny but fairly cool so we had the heater blasting most of the day.

Race 1: Viper-Jet “Maximum Leeway” Lexan

Oops! Forgot to take the podium shot.

The first race was pretty tight in the Expert ranks with only one lap separating Home Cook’n and George Peters.

In the Sportsman ranks, Jordan Walker and Jerry Pearson battled it out with only one lap separating 4th and 5th. Kevin Webster bagged the final podium spot. As is often the case with Viper-Jets, no driver achieved the coveted perfect score of 80 total laps. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 78 16 798.835
2 George Peters 77 13 734.617
3 Kevin Webster 74 11 830.573
4 Jordan Walker 70 7 887.619
5 Jerry Pearson 69 6 754.823
6 Martha Elderon 66 5 870.534
Race 2: MegaG+ 1.7 Support Class

Speaking of blasting, the second race was hot and heavy with very close racing in both the Expert and Sportsman ranks. George Peters held off for the overall win against Home Cook’n by just one lap and Kevin Webster and Jerry Pearson tied on total laps with Kevin taking the final podium spot on run time. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 80 16 845.583
2 Steve Stewart 79 13 866.609
3 Kevin Webster 75 11 794.451
4 Jerry Pearson 75 7 865.445
5 Martha Elderon 71 6 748.839
6 Jordan Walker 66 5 675.186
Race 3: Viper V-SPEC Lexan

Race 3 was as always blistering fast with everybody running V-SPEC Vipers with either GTP or NASCAR-style bodies. Sportsman driver, Jordan Walker, impressed us all with a standout performance in this one. The battle initially was hot and heavy between Home Cook’n and George Peters. However, George would have a couple of offs in his second segment costing him a couple of laps. Jordan started his rotation in the third segment and would finish first or second in the first three and third in his final segment, which put him just one lap ahead of George in second overall. Nice driving by Jordan!

Meanwhile, Kevin Webster and Jerry Pearson had a battle of their own going for the remaining Sportsman points. Kevin finished as “Mr. Consistent” with three 3rd places and one 2nd place finish and two laps up on Jerry Pearson going into the last two segments. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 16 427.848
2 Jordan Walker 79 13 505.84
3 George Peters 78 11 461.878
4 Kevin Webster 72 7 512.001
5 Jerry Pearson 70 6 481.817
6 Martha Elderon 61 5 492.444
Race 4: Jag Hobbies TR-3 “Augoran” Hardbodies

The final race of Round 2 was back to the “Honor System” of marshaling since we only had four drivers participating. Once again, Jordan Walker proved he’s the real deal with a very good run of 75 laps, two 2nds a 3rd, and winning the final segment. It may look like a Home Cook’n show on paper but it was a lot more than that as fuel strategies came into play for almost all drivers in the final segment.  (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 79 16 1123.52
2 Jordan Walker 75 13 1159.132
3 George Peters 73 11 1135.72
4 Kevin Webster 67 7 1182.673

All in all, another great day of racing in the 2023 50/50 Racing Series. The MegaG+ 1.7 class seems to be the most competitive for both Expert and Sportsman drivers.

Sportsman Point Standings after Round 2:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Kevin Webster 584 71 6033.374
2 Jordan Walker 581 69 5862.457
3 Jerry Pearson 432 37 3980.007
4 Martha Elderon 411 29 4115.863
5 Eric Lane 279 26 2840.358
6 Tim Bisson 126 6 1366.187
7 Jake Bisson 89 4 1250.72

Looks like it might be a dogfight between Kevin and Jordan for the Sportsman series trophy, we’ll see.

Expert Point Standings after Round 2:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 623 109 5681.098
2 Steve Stewart 635 119 5951.572

In the Expert ranks, George is well positioned to take the overall against Home Cook’n, with or without the Home Cook’n handicap stuff. Great driving and car prep, George!

Okay, we’ll likely have an open track day this coming Saturday and hold Round 3 the following Saturday, March 4, 2023.

Okay, shut up and drive!

Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 1

While the weather didn’t cooperate, the slot car faithful certainly did. Nice turnout in spite of the rainy conditions and lack of shuttle service from the parking lots to the paddock. Oh well, 1/64 scale shuttles can’t transport many “real” people anyway.

Okay, so the short stories are a battle royale between George Peters and “Home Cook’n” in the Expert class and Jordan Walker and Kevin Webster in the Sportsman class.

George Peters, Home Cook’n, Kevin Webster. (Right-click and open in a new tab for a larger image.)

Race 1: Mega-G+ 1.7 Support Class (NASCAR bodies) (18v)

Wow! This was the debut of our new MG+ Support class and the summary of results shows just how competitive this class is. Yea, the two experts (1 & 2) in the race had more laps in the end. But look at the Sportsman class results, very close competition and very exciting racing. George Peters had a very good run in the expert class while Kevin Webster and Jerry Pearson battled it out in the Sportsman class. Jerry held the lead until the sixth segment with 75-laps but Kevin finished off the the last two segments with 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the last two segments, placing third overall and first in the Sportsman points chase.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 80 16 618.884
2 Steve Stewart 79 13 670.183
3 Kevin Webster 75 11 667.132
4 Jerry Pearson 75 7 725.873
5 Jordan Walker 74 6 653.039
6 Eric Lane 72 5 630.132
7 Martha Elderon 71 4 620.547

Race 2: Mega-G+ 1.7 “Super Modifieds” IROC (18v)

Making a smooth transition to yet another Mega-G+ platform, Race 2 would be an IROC format utilizing box-stock MG+ platforms but with taller and harder compound rear tires. And, of course, an even more top-heavy body style.

A new neighbor, Tim Bisson, and his son, Jake showed up in time for Race 2. Tim and Jake didn’t waste any time deciding to jump right in and race. Jake, only five years old, was amazing in his first slot car race ever. He had incredible throttle control and clicked off lap-after-lap with minimal crashes, finishing the race with a very respectable 56-lap total.  Dad, Tim, returning to slot car racing after 20-years, finished the race with 70-laps, just 5-laps less than the Sportsman race leader–nice!

Martha Elderon came out of the starting grid extremely fast in this first segment posting the Best Lap time and the best Median Lap time, finishing in the segment in second place–nice driving!

In the end, Home Cook’n bagged the Expert win by just one lap over George Peters. The Sportsman class was just as competitive with only 3-laps separating first from fifth. Eric Lane bagged third overall and the top Sportsman points.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 16 684.799
2 George Peters 79 13 676.107
3 Eric Lane 75 11 744.85
4 Jordan Walker 74 7 670.911
5 Kevin Webster 74 6 718.375
6 Jerry Pearson 73 5 659.657
7 Martha Elderon 72 4 778.706
8 Tim Bisson 70 3 746.119
9 Jake Bisson 53 2 732.403

Race 3: Viper V-SPEC “Lexan” (15v)

Always crazy fast, this race was no different. Once again, Martha Elderon came out swinging and bagged a second, two thirds, and a fourth-place finish in this fast and furious race.

Jordan Walker would bag three second-place finishes and Eric Lane would bag two second-place finishes, very nice driving.

In the end, George Peters was not going to be outdone by Home Cook’n. George took the lead in the race in Segment 5 and never looked back, winning three of his four rotations and besting Home Cook’n on total run time for the win.

The backstories in this one are many but Jerry and Martha finished on the same lap with Jerry besting Martha by just a hair over 2 seconds in their final segment. Very close racing, indeed.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 80 16 478.143
2 Steve Stewart 80 13 598.6
3 Jordan Walker 77 11 495.259
4 Kevin Webster 74 7 504.747
5 Jerry Pearson 70 6 492.392
6 Martha Elderon 70 5 604.793
7 Eric Lane 69 4 639.381
8 Tim Bisson 56 3 620.068
9 Jake Bisson 36 2 518.317

Race 4: Viper Jet “Maximum Leeway” Lexan (15v)

Well, we lost a few racers prior to this one but five of us pressed on and finished the program. The last race was a bit slower pace but we ran these cool rigs at 15v, which is a bit challenging on any course.

Other than a few gnarly crashes involving dislodged parts and loud noises, this one was fairly uneventful. Both Kevin Webster and Eric Lane posted second-place segment finishes in this one with Kevin bagging the final podium spot and a third overall.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 16 781.178
2 George Peters 76 13 730.166
3 Kevin Webster 73 11 823.422
4 Jordan Walker 66 7 815.471
5 Eric Lane 63 6 825.995

Okay, a very nice day of racing. Bad weather is what slot cars were made for and today was a perfect example of having fun even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Great to meet Tim and Jake. Most people typically just hang out and observe or help corner marshal slot car races when they first check it out or get back into it. Tim and Jake jumped right into the mayhem and did very well. Jake is definitely going to enjoy the frequent kids’ races and Tim looks like he’ll have no trouble at all getting up to speed racing with us “Slotheads”. Hope they both enjoyed it and return for more fun soon.

So what’s the story after Round one of this new series?

Sportsman Point Standings after Round 1:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Kevin Webster 296 35 2713.676
2 Jordan Walker 291 31 2634.68
3 Eric Lane 279 26 2840.358
4 Jerry Pearson 218 18 1877.922
5 Martha Elderon 213 13 2004.046
6 Tim Bisson 126 6 1366.187
7 Jake Bisson 89 4 1250.72
Expert Points Standings after Round 1:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 315 58 2503.3
2 Steve Stewart 319 58 2734.76
Eric always brings something to every race. These are napkins to help serve the awesome Krispy Creme donuts he often brings to get us through the day. Thanks for the chocolates also, Eric!

I think we should stick with this Mega-G+ 1.7 class, it seems to be one of the more competitive classes of cars we’ve run here at Stewart Raceway and it’s a very easy car to prepare and compete with.

We’ll likely do a track day next Saturday and Round 2 the following Saturday. Stay tuned for the calendar updates.

Okay, shut up and drive!