Track Day Report: Team Racing

Abe Maddox way ready for the start.

We tried something different and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it.

Just three races were preceded by a qualifying session, which paired up the fastest drivers with the slowest drivers for a subsequent team race-off.


Name Lap Time Speed (Mph) Place
Steve Stewart 5.173 631 1
Abe Maddox 5.322 614 2
Jerry Pearson 5.643 579 3
Shaylin Maddox 6.035 541 4
Eric Lane 6.646 491 5
Grace Maddox 11.299 289 6
Kevin Webster DNS

Junior driver, Abe Maddox was amazingly focused on his qualifying run. His 2nd fastest lap time shows just how much. Jerry Pearson, with the third-fastest time, actually clicked off a blistering 4.9-second lap during qualifying.

Team Race Race-Off

The SR3 road course in team racing action.

So the event format was to pair the fastest qualifiers with the slower qualifiers and set up two-driver teams with the goal of making team racing more challenging and competitive. By the looks of the first team race, the format was very successful.

Second fastest qualifier, Abe Maddox and fifth-fastest qualifier, Eric Lane, were pitted against third-fastest qualifier, Jerry Pearson, and fourth-fastest qualifier Shaylin Maddox in the first team race:

Team Competition Points Summary
Track: SR3 Road Course Straight
Date: Sep-02-2023 11:30    Class: Viper V-SPEC SPEC RACER
Segment Length (laps): 10    Descr:
Team Name: Cat People Points
Team Members: Jerry Pearson 75
Shaylin Maddox(2) 64
Total Team Points = 139
Team Name: FastTrackers Points
Team Members: Abe Maddox(2) 76
Eric Lane 67
Total Team Points = 143

If the above results aren’t a good indicator of just how successful this racing format works, I’m not sure what is. Just 4-points decided the first team race, very close racing!

Team Race Finale

Grace Maddox was amazing in the penultimate team race!

After successfully winning the first team race in the bracket, the Fastrackers team was pitted against the fastest qualifier and the slowest qualifier in the finale.

The finale should have been much closer but junior driver, Grace Maddox, drove a superb race, bagging a second-place and a third-place segment finish and 46 total laps, only 7 laps less than the second-fastest qualifier and her big brother, Abe Maddox– awesome!

Team Competition Points Summary
Track: SR3 Road Course Straight
Date: Sep-02-2023 12:07    Class: Viper V-SPEC SPEC RACER
Segment Length (laps): 10    Descr:
Team Name: Fastrackers Points
Team Members: Abe Maddox(2) 66
Eric Lane 62
Total Team Points = 128
Team Name: Silly Pickles Points
Team Members: Steve Stewart 96
Grace Maddox(2)(2) 58
Total Team Points = 154

Team Race #3

Not sure how we decided on the team structure for the last team race but we didn’t qualify. We only had four drivers after Team Maddox had to depart to tend to some other important things (picking up a couple of new kittens). We decided to change up the racing platform from Vipers to to MegaG+ F1 cars for the last race of the day.

This one was interesting with three drivers winning two segments each. However,  the “Donuts” team won four total. Eric Lane stepped up at the right time, winning two segments and sealing the deal with 74 of the team’s 156 total points.

Team Competition Points Summary
Track: SR3 Road Course Straight
Date: Sep-02-2023 12:54    Class: Mega-G+ 1.7 Support Class
Segment Length (laps): 15    Descr:
Team Name: Dollars Points
Team Members: Jerry Pearson(2) 66
Kevin Webster 60
Total Team Points = 126
Team Name: Donuts Points
Team Members: Steve Stewart 82
Eric Lane 74
Total Team Points = 156

So, what did the individual results look like on the day?

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Eric Lane 183 203 1666.433
2 Steve Stewart 148 178 1159.493
3 Abe Maddox(2) 110 142 860.476
4 Jerry Pearson 57 75 449.013
5 Jerry Pearson(2) 82 66 812.677
6 Shaylin Maddox(2) 54 64 470.328
7 Kevin Webster 82 60 833.123
8 Grace Maddox(2)(2) 46 58 399.498

It pays to hang in there and run as many races as you can, way to go, Eric!

Something a little different and lots of fun. Thank you all for showing up and trying something new.

Okay, shut up and drive!

Open Track Day Galore

Abe celebrating win two on the day.

What an amazing day of slot car action!

The plan was to run all day exclusively on the 4-lane SR2 track. We started on SR2’s straight road course and did a bunch of hot laps before the usual suspects wanted to do some racing.

This was the first time in almost two years that we were running anything on the SR2 table. It took quite a few laps to clean the rails and get the cobwebs off the track. Due to a technical issue, we ran both practice and the only race on SR2 using Race Coordinator software, which did the job but had a couple of issues. Regardless, we were able to click off a race of six 25-lap heats using Kevin Webster’s Wizzard Storm Extreme IROC set.

Finish Seed Driver Laps Score L1 L2 L3 L 4
1 1 Abe Maddox 87 18 7 11 16 16
2 4 Steve Stewart 94 18 11 16 13 13
3 3 Martha Elderon 91 18 7 7 16 16
4 5 Shaylin Maddox 88 17 11 7 13 16
5 2 Jerry Pearson 94 15 11 11 13 13
6 6 Kevin Webster 86 15 7 7 13 11

Just a fun race but it was very, very competitive. Abe won two heats and Martha Elderon won two heats. Only Kevin and I had experience on SR2 so it was quite impressive to see the new drivers do so well on the different course. Detailed Results

Abe’s Mom, Shaylin, wins the final heat of the Wizzard Storm race on SR2.

As seems to be the trend these days, Abe won on points and Martha bagged the final podium spot just three laps down on Home Cook’n. Not to be outdone by Abe, his Mom, Shaylin won the final heat with a perfect score of 25 laps.

Matthew Johnson didn’t race but he sure did a bunch of laps.

Abe was eager to get back to the SR3 course and let his Viper car rip. After a bunch of laps on SR3 with a whole new slew of drivers, Abe continued his dominance on the day by winning the second race on SR3. It wasn’t exactly a level playing field since Abe was running a Viper V-SPEC rig against mostly less capable cars. But Abe remained focused as ever and managed to edge out his schoolmate, Dax Schwartz, by just two laps. Madeline Johnson was just three laps behind Dax. Dax’s brother, Julian Schwartz, was just one lap behind Madeline. Extremely close racing by our neighborhood junior drivers!

Visiting adult driver, Andrew Noske, from Australia, did very well in his first-ever slot car race posting the second-fastest lap of the race! Thanks for joining us, Andrew!  Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Abe Maddox 40 17 364.271
2 Dax Schwartz 38 13 369.306
3 Madeline Johnson 35 11 370.117
4 Julian Schwartz 34 7 372.34
5 Andrew Noske 32 6 369.146

Okay, there it is. A beautiful day in the mountains, with a fantastic group of slotheads, and some seriously competitive and fun racing.

The juniors picking up their Hot Wheels hardware and medals.

Next weekend is the final round of the 2023 50/50 Series. Sportsman drivers, Jordan Walker and Kevin Webster are just eleven points apart in the series. Round 5 should decide which driver wins the series and moves on to the Expert ranks of our hobby. Best of luck to both drivers! The final round will be run on SR2 and will include at least two fuel races.

Okay, shut up and drive!

Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 4 — Finally!

We finally managed to get Round 4 of this delayed series in the books. We completed Round 3 way back on March 18, 2003!

Yea, We’ve done some “distraction” events since then but that’s quite the gap between rounds, for sure. Throughout the layoff in official racing, we’ve had a number of open track days and quite a few junior/parents team races. Those races have been very successful in generating interest and skills in the hobby from both the parents and the kids.

One of our stand-out junior drivers, Abe Maddox, who has been winning a whole lot of Dash and Team races lately was invited to race Round 4 of the series. Not only has Abe been winning, but his Mom, Shaylin, has also had some very impressive results. Shaylin has steadfastly supported Abe’s slot car racing interest since he cut his first laps on SR3 and often does practice races with us. So, it was no stretch to invite both of them to “officially” race with us in Round 4 of the 50/50 Series.

Our 50/50 Series is always a split between individually-prepared cars and house-prepared IROC-style cars so we started the day with an IROC race.

Race 1: Jag Hobbies NC-2 Mercs (i)
Home Cook’n, Jordan Walker, Jerry Pearson

Team Maddox also brought along Shaylin’s Dad, Fred Ebert, from Chicago. Fred raced 1/24’s back in the day and quickly got back into his groove. Fred won his first segment in green, a second in orange, and then finished up his rotation with a third place in white. Fred also led the race through the first two segments–very nice driving!

Sportsman driver, Jordan Walker, started slow but ended up bagging two segment wins and took over the lead after segment 2 and held on to it until segment 7. In the end, Jordan Walker hung on to second place and Jerry Pearson edged out Expert driver, George Peters, for the final podium spot. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 120 64 919.592
2 Jordan Walker 114 52 1036.892
3 Jerry Pearson 111 51 1035.574
4 George Peters 111 50 955.726
5 Fred Ebert 106 47 1044.919
6 Kevin Webster 105 42 979.928
7 Shaylin Maddox 95 38 956.091
8 Abe Maddox 93 32 1052.479
Race 2: Viper V-SPEC “SPEC RACER” Lexan GTP

Because Team Maddox had to depart early, we decided to run the Viper “SPEC RACER” class early. Eric Lane had graciously provided a brand-new RaceMasters MegaG+ 454 Chevelle car to the winner of the MegaG+ support class, which was slated for the second race of the day.  However, we decided to run the super-fast Viper V-SPEC race instead of the scheduled MegaG+ Support Class. The intent was to give Abe a shot at winning the prize MegaG+ car.

Abe didn’t waste any time getting down to business and took the checkers in the first segment of Race 2. Abe was on fire, setting the fastest lap of the segment, well over a second faster than his grandpa, Fred Ebert, with the second fastest lap. Abe would remain in the top three through the fastest race of the day until the end of the fifth segment. While Abe fought hard and stayed focused–even while sitting out for several rotations–he came up short in Segment 7 with only 14 laps. He fought hard in his final segment and was able to complete 22 of a possible 25 laps but came up short in terms of points and finished the race sixth overall, just 10 points shy of a podium spot.

To just report on this guy is inspiring. At 6 years old, he’s racing with some serious slot heads and does amazingly well! Not just winning heats or segments, he wins races!

Home Cook’n, Jordan Walker, George Peters

Yes, on this day the veteran drivers managed to fill the podium in a very hotly contested race. Jordan Walker drove superbly besting his Dad, Expert driver, George Peters, by just one point. Abe didn’t outright win the race but the podium finishers all agreed that the ‘Eric “Fast” Lane’ prize belonged to Abe Maddox. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 100 64 522.7
2 Jordan Walker 97 56 609.21
3 George Peters 100 55 522.464
4 Kevin Webster 97 50 599.636
5 Jerry Pearson 91 46 556.491
6 Abe Maddox 81 45 595.15
7 Fred Ebert 83 32 613.493
8 Shaylin Maddox 73 28 558.639
Race 3: Mega-G+ 1.7 Support Class
Hoe Cook’n, Kevin Webster, George Peters

With Team Maddox and Jerry Pearson vacating the premises after Race 2, we lost some serious competition and also corner marshals. The last two races were run with track call buttons, no marshals.

The MegaG+ 1.7 class has been an amazing addition to our program. The rules are HOPRA “BOX STOCK,” which is basically an out-of-the-package car with just tire changes allowed. This makes for some very close and competitive racing. This one did not disappoint.

The detailed results show an utter dogfight between Sportsman driver, Kevin Webster and Expert driver, George Peters. Both drivers split the four segments with two 2nd-place finishes each. In the end, they tied in total points but Kevin edged George out by just one lap. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 100 64 1150.184
2 Kevin Webster 98 48 1166.924
3 George Peters 97 48 1162.137
4 Jordan Walker 90 28 1168.967
Race 4: Viper V-SPEC F1/Indy 1.7 (i) Lexan
Home Cook’n, George Peters, Jordan Walker

The final race was all “Eric Lane” Viper V-SPEC F1/Indy cars with Harden Creek Lexan bodies. We tried to run these cars, which originally had Viper F1/Indy hard bodies, which were simply just too fragile and broke like cheap glass at the slightest wall or Lexan barrier hit.

The Lexan tape-attached bodies had some adhesion issues but, for the most part, worked far better than the plastic bodies.

This final race of the day was actually one of the closest races. As always, George Peters, was way focused on besting Home Cook’n and Sportsman drivers, Kevin Webster and Jordan Walker were in a heated points battle for the Sportsman series win.

While George was putting massive pressure on Home Cook’n, Jordan and Kevin were duking it out for the remaining points. It was a fuel race, which adds an element of strategy and luck to the mix. George is a very clever driver when it comes to timing pit stops and calculating how to utilize the variable to his advantage.

None of that seemed to matter to Kevin and Jordan as they swapped 3rd and 4th place points every segment. In the end, Jordan would end up with the 3rd spot on the podium but did not increase his points lead over Kevin, both ending the race with 36 points. Detailed Results

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 100 64 1284.906
2 George Peters 97 52 1294.554
3 Jordan Walker 91 36 1299.672
4 Kevin Webster 90 36 1301.433

The points gap between Sportsman drivers, Jordan and Kevin, is now only 11 points. Round 5 is going to be a barn burner between the two drivers. The winner gets a mondo trophy and advances to the Expert class.

Points Standings after Round 4:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart* 1521 425 11379.8
2 George Peters* 1491 367 11029.06
3 Jordan Walker 1387 270 11642.62
4 Kevin Webster 1166 259 10880.77
5 Jerry Pearson 847 146 6362.813
6 Fred Ebert 189 79 1658.412
7 Abe Maddox 174 77 1647.629
8 Shaylin Maddox 168 66 1514.73
9 Eric Lane 687 51 4394.271
10 Shaun Lee* 466 51 1629.418
11 Martha Elderon 411 29 4115.863
12 Tim Bisson 126 6 1366.187
13 Jake Bisson 89 4 1250.72

It’s all about points. The last race is really between Jordan Walker and Kevin Webster. That is going to be an epic battle, for sure.

Team Maddox driver, Fred Ebert, is sitting in 6th place after only one visit to Stewart Raceway, which is very impressive. Not sure he’ll hang around town for the final round but he’s definitely a formidable slot head, no doubt.

Okay, next weekend is an open track day on Saturday. Kids and parents are welcome. Stay tuned for more details. Looks like the following weekend will work for the final round of the series.

Okay, shut up and drive!


Another Track Day Turns Into a Race Fest

Eric Lane showed up first in his family sedan, a Corvette C8, with some new Viper F1 hardbodies to test. Then Team Maddox showed up in full force and didn’t waste much time with open practice, they came to race!

As is becoming the norm, Abe quickly established himself with his favorite car (a Viper V-SPEC) and won the first four races handily.

Abe’s winning ways were only interrupted twice on the day by “Home Cook’n.” Though others came close and pressured him at times. Abe won five of the seven races and was pretty much on fire–as usual.

Abe’s Mom, Shaylin, was very close though and would finish 3rd overall on the day. Kevin Webster joined us for the last two races taking 3rd in Race #6 and 2nd place in Race #7.

We were doing Dash races (no rotations) with various fuel allocations to practice for fuel events. Abe is amazingly clever and very good at all aspects of slot car racing. Can’t wait to see how he does with qualifying.

Overall Results (7 Races)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Abe Maddox 291 110 3407.607
2 Steve Stewart 282 98 3404.726
3 Shaylin Maddox 253 69 3451.186
4 Kevin Webster 116 24 1543.379
5 Grace Maddox 50 21 688.851

Kevin figured out that Shaylin’s controller was acting sporadic, which may be why she didn’t do as well as she usually does. Pro Controller next time!

After Team Maddox finished their press briefing and left the facilities, Team Johnson showed up in force. Dad, Jared, pulled in with their transporter and Matthew and Madeline got straight to business cutting laps. Jared cut some very respectable laps with a 440-X2 Narrow car and Madeline put down the most laps in the session with 516 laps! Matthew is our youngest junior driver but he managed to cut a bunch of laps also.

What a day! I’m digging the neighborhood interest in this cool hobby and am very pleased to see everyone progressing in skill and enjoying themselves. Thank you all for supporting Stewart Raceway!

Open Practice Turns Into a Race Fest

Abe celebrating his top-step podium after winning eight of nine races on the day. Classic!

No “official” racing this weekend at Stewart Raceway but a few of us were heading up to Roseville to participate in a reasonably rare Saturday race at Roseville Raceway.

The track is owned and operated by Shaun Lee, the owner of another famous track called Shaunadega that once resided here in the Bay Area.

Friday’s open track session was mostly intended for those of us heading to Roseville to race to prepare cars for Saturday’s race. But Team Maddox had other goals for the day.

Abe Maddox, showed up first with his sister, Grace, and Mom, Shaylin. All of whom have raced here before and wanted to get some track time and have some fun. As usual, after a bunch of practice laps, Abe wanted to race. And Mom and Grace were not hard to convince to join in.

Grace and Abe, up-and-coming junior racers!

So we ended up doing nine races, two of which Shaylin and I sat out to marshal for Grace and Abe. In the end, Abe dominated the day with eight wins! Grace won one of the races, besting Abe by just one lap, and Shaylin and me by 5 and 7 respectively.

Overall Results
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Abe Maddox 170 133 1992.64
2 Grace Maddox 127 84 1915.915
3 Shaylin Maddox 105 72 1651.848
4 Steve Stewart 93 52 1590.944

Now it wasn’t exactly a level playing field since Abe was running a Viper V-SPEC, Level 4 car, and Shaylin and Grace were running AFX SuperG+ cars.

The amazing thing about it was that the kids wanted to race and they stayed extremely focused in each of the ~25-lap Dash races. Some we did with fuel, which is also amazing for such young kids to manage successfully. Yes, they’d run out of fuel and overshoot the pits now and then, but then so did Shaylin and I.

Getting smoked by juniors didn’t do much for my confidence going into the next day’s Roseville race but it was very cool to see our neighborhood junior drivers and parents enjoying this old hobby of ours so much.

Way fun day!