Updated SR2 and SR3 Track Records

Since we have a new driver in the mix and we’ve changed the layout of SR3, I’ve updated the track records for both SR2 and SR3.

We also ran Round 5 of the last 50/50 series back in July on SR2, which resulted in several lap records being set or broken on the SR2 straight course layout.

When you’re testing and tuning, you can use this data to see where you are regarding lap times with a particular car or course layout. It’s a bit clunky but it works. Go to http://stewartraceway.org/track-records/ on your phone or other device and use the query bar to find a particular track record. Just type in “stewart raceway II (straight” for example to see lap records for SR2’s straight road course. I know, I need to work on the track naming to make this a lot easier.

The current Driver Statistics are also outdated. I’ll get those updated as soon as I can. I’m also working on a single table per track layout that lists the fastest laps on each lane.

If any of you are SQL query experts, please chime in, I’ll gladly let you have access to the databases to work on some other cool and helpful queries.

Have a great T-day!

“Official” 2023 Season Points Standings

Below is a summary of the current points standings for all “official” racing to date for the 2023 racing season.

Who will take home the Season’s trophy?

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Kevin Webster 2773 735 26066.3
2 Aaron Castro 1015 401 8840.121
3 Jordan Walker 1980 385 15915.75
4 Jerry Pearson 1511 336 14395.3
5 Eric Lane 1440 183 12701.97
6 Shaylin Maddox 637 173 4788.795
7 Abe Maddox 550 153 4541.577
8 Fred Ebert 189 79 1658.412
1 Steve Stewart* 3382 1202 26227.38
2 George Peters* 2753 705 18209.27

* Denotes Expert ranked drivers.

The trophies shown are not the actual 2023 trophies.

With just one or two more races possible this season, it looks like Sportsman points leader, Kevin Webster (Webster Motorsports),  has a very good shot at the 2023 Season Championship trophy.

Based on his performance in Round 3 of the 50/50 Xtreme Series, Aaron Castro has a mathematical shot at the trophy. However, Kevin would have to miss at least one remaining round and Aaron would need another stellar day like he had in Round 3 to pull it off.  I guess we’ll just have to see if we can complete one or two more rounds before the end of the year.

Jordan Walker, also a championship contender, is expected to miss at least the next round, which, unfortunately, will take him out of contention for the championship win.

Okay, shut up and drive!

Current Top 10 Drivers for 2023 Season

Abe and Mom getting in some practice on SR3.

Below is a summary of ALL races ran to date in 2023, this includes kids races, dash races, official series races, and any other “unofficial” race completed throughout the season. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily reflect merit since some drivers show up much more than others, and some (me) show up for every event.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 6041 2590 59631.24
2 Kevin Webster 4649 1546 51604.85
3 Aaron Castro 2711 1043 27476.9
4 George Peters 3066 860 21576.99
5 Abe Maddox 1272 765 14974.65
6 Jerry Pearson 1943 702 21632.81
7 Shaylin Maddox 1258 611 15360.7
8 Eric Lane 1456 502 15520.8
9 Jordan Walker 1633 351 14267.18
10 Grace Maddox 335 214 5017.043
Some of our junior drivers getting ready to race.

A few things to note from the 2023 season so far:

      1. The latest entry into our group, Aaron Castro is not long for the Sportsman ranks and will likely be the 2023 Rookie Driver of the Year and advance to the Expert ranks very soon.
      2. Abe Maddox is clearly the 2023 Junior Driver of the Year and can race with the “Big Kids” anytime.
      3. While I don’t believe there should be any distinction between male and female drivers in slot car racing, Abe’s Mom, Shaylin Maddox, is definitely our most active and possibly our best female driver in the group. It’s truly way cool to have women interested in racing and we have two adult women, Shaylin and Martha Elderon, who are very good slot car jockeys, for sure.

With just one more month remaining in the 2023 season, this summary isn’t likely to change much. We have two more “official” races to complete before the end of 2023. Hopefully, we can conclude them before the end of the year and give out some of these well-deserved awards.

Stay tuned for a complete summary of the “official” races of the 2023 season…

Prototype “Paper” SK Modified Body

(Right-click and open in a new tab for larger image)

My first iteration of a “super-light” paper body for our MegaG+ Support Class cars. This one is made out of premium glossy photo paper and is mounted on a 1.7 MegaG+ chassis using 8 mil clear double-sided tape I got from George.

Kevin worked up this body using some sort of drafting paper and then laminated it with some other material.

Both bodies are pretty cool. Haven’t tested them on the track yet but I did run a regular paper prototype last Saturday on a Jag DR-1 chassis and it held up pretty well. These bodies are way light and the car feels and handles like it has no body at all.

Design ideas are limitless and very appealing. We’ll see how durable they are. I’m looking forward to coming up with a Midget car design and upgrading my SWB MegaG+ IROC set. Once you get the design set and printed, it takes about the same time to trim and mount as a typical Lexan body. And way, way cheaper than even a clear Lexan body.


New MegaG+ Editions

I’m sure some of you have seen these cars out there. RaceMasters has released a few new body styles for the MegaG+ 1.7 chassis. I really like those presented here.

I know buying a car for just the body is silly but these bodies are pretty cool. If you’re planning on purchasing additional MG+ platforms, I’d choose one or more of these. They come with a 1.7 chassis but the bodies are impressive also.

You can find these complete cars out there from $30 plus shipping.



Any interest in running these at some point?

RC Superstore has great prices.