Stewart Raceway Current Driver Classification

Unleash the Driver WithinThe following table shows the current driver classifications at Stewart Raceway. The Average Placings figure represents historical data where 2020 to 2022 data is not available. If a driver has an Expert classification but does not have a commensurate Average Placing, it is because they have established themselves as recognized Experts in the sport/hobby at other venues and historically.

Driver Average Placing Classification
Kevin Webster 5.6 Sportsman
George Peters 4.5 Sportsman
Greg Kondrek 3.1 Expert
Ted Essy 2.9 Expert
Jordan Walker 6.2 Sportsman
Brad Sandahl 3.1 Expert
Ian Douglass 2.1 Expert
Russ Toy 4.7 Sportsman
Ken Stephens 3.3 Expert
Rick Voegelin 4.7 Expert
Randy Tragni 4.6 Sportsman
Dan Jiminez 3.1 Expert
Paul Leuty 5.1 Sportsman
Bruce Douglas 5.3 Sportsman
Mark Owyang 5.2 Expert
Don Riemersma 3.8 Expert
Steve Testerman 8 Expert
Randy Cook 2 Expert
Dave Mcconaughey 4.7 Sportsman
Jerry Pearson 4.2 Sportsman
Mike Andrews 4 Expert
Jeff Hurley 5.6 Expert
Mitch Valder 5.8 Expert
Jared Johnson 5 Sportsman
Ron Coaxum 3.2 Expert

Keep in mind, you can request to upgrade to Expert at any time, no restrictions. You can also request a downgrade (reclassification) to Sportsman if your current Average Placing is higher than 4.0. You cannot reclassify during a race day event or during an in-progress racing series.

The only anomaly I see is George Peters being ranked a Sportsman. He’s definitely an Expert when you consider his experience. However, in the last two seasons at Stewart Raceway, he’s reporting a 4.5 placings average. And, since we don’t have any Experts running in the current series, which George is leading, I’m okay with him remaining a Sportsman driver. If he wins it, he’ll definitely be reclassified as an Expert.

Okay, shut up and drive!

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