Race Report: 2021 50/50 Series, Round 5 Finale

Overall Series and Concourse de Elegance Winner, Ian Douglass.

Despite missing one race of the five race series, Ian Douglass went into the final round 20-points ahead of second in points, George Peters, which meant that it was going to be tough for anyone to keep Ian from winning the overall prize.

Of course, winning any racing series rarely comes easy and this one was no exception. While George was laser-focused on besting Ian for the top podium spot, Rookie of the Year candidate, Brad Sandhahl, had other plans for the finale.

Brad, who started the series late, went into Round 5 just slightly behind George in 3rd place. Given all drivers could only use points from four of the five rounds, George would lose 45-points from Round 2. This meant that Brad was really only 10-points behind George in the overall standings going into the final round.

While George fought hard and landed on the podium in two of the six official races, Brad managed six podium visits on the day and won the Round 5 overall. Quite impressive driving for a newcomer to the Bay Area H.O. racing scene.

Ian Douglass, meanwhile, finished Round 5 solidly in second place with 67.75 points, three podium visits, and a convincing win in the Viper-Jet race. Easily topping the series field in points and taking home the prestigious 2021 50/50 Racing Series winner’s trophy and Concourse de Elegance award.

Concourse de Elegance Winner, Ian Douglass

Overall Results Round 5:

PlaceDriverLapsPointsTotal Time
1Brad Sandahl463732592.138
2Ian Douglass451612584.789
3George Peters435472656.981
4Russ Toy411362696.23
5Greg Kondrek300341831.149
6Kevin Webster400282664.97
7Jordan Walker364242701.674

Race 1: Jag Hobbies TR-3 “Modified” (IROC)

Steve Stewart, Ian Douglass, Brad Sandahl
PlaceNameLapsPointsTotal Time
1Steve Stewart7816355.544
2Ian Douglass7713365.045
3Brad Sandahl7611354.25
4George Peters747361.605
5Russ Toy716357.823
6Kevin Webster695370.59
7Jordan Walker654369.752

Race 2: Jag Hobbies NC-2 GT-40 “Lites”

Brad Sandahl, Russ Toy, George Peters
PlaceNameLapsPointsTotal Time
1Brad Sandahl7816391.733
2Russ Toy7713420.563
3George Peters7611422.458
4Steve Stewart717411.922
5Jordan Walker686402.324
6Ian Douglass675405.191
7Kevin Webster634407.825

Race 3: OS3 TFX “Lites” (IROC)

Steve Stewart, Ian Douglass, Brad Sandahl
PlaceNameLapsPointsTotal Time
1Steve Stewart8016671.161
2Ian Douglass8013687.71
3Brad Sandahl7611668.982
4Greg Kondrek757673.045
5George Peters746666.305
6Kevin Webster665687.497
7Russ Toy654709.38
8Jordan Walker593682.935

Race 4: Viper-Jet (Lexan)

Ian Douglass, Steve Stewart, Brad Sandahl
PlaceNameLapsPointsTotal Time
1Ian Douglass7916433.585
2Steve Stewart7813469.994
3Brad Sandahl7611442.482
4Greg Kondrek767444.034
5George Peters626472.588
6Kevin Webster615473.701
7Russ Toy584492.182
8Jordan Walker373519.744

Race 5: Super G+ “F1/Indy” Lexan (IROC)

Steve Stewart, Brad Sandahl, George Peters
PlaceNameLapsPointsTotal Time
1Steve Stewart8016401.945
2Brad Sandahl7913410.672
4Ian Douglass7811391.143
3George Peters777417.815
5Kevin Webster716421.132
6Russ Toy695413.443
7Greg Kondrek694419.093
8Jordan Walker633406.53
Lap Totals Adjusted: Ian lost 5-laps in this race due to exceeding the preset minimum lap time in the blue lane.

Race 6: Viper V-Spec “Lexan”

Greg Kondrek, Steve Stewart, Brad Sandahl
PlaceNameLapsPointsTotal Time
1Greg Kondrek8016294.977
2Steve Stewart8013322.858
3Brad Sandahl7811324.019
4Ian Douglass757302.115
5George Peters726316.21
6Jordan Walker725320.389
7Russ Toy714302.839
8Kevin Webster703304.225

Overall Series Final Points Standings

Driver Race #1#2#3#4#5Appearance PointsTotal Points
Ian Douglas67.2596082.2567.754317.25
Brad Sandahl0518062.5734270.5
George Peters5906654.550.755235.25
Russ Toy35.53604541.54162
Kevin Webster33.7503837.25335147
Jordan Walker27.253749026.54143.75
Greg Kondrek56.7500037.5296.25
Mike Andrews550000156

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