Track Records Page Updated

Added a new page to the site to support better access to track record data. The new page is much easier to view the data and allows for sorting and searching for specific information.

Screenshot of new data layout.

For instance, you can sort by any column in the table or search for records by Car Class simply by entering the term “TFX” (w/o quotes) in the search bar.

The best way to find, for example, the fastest laps for all V-SPEC classes would be to enter “V-SPEC” (w/o quotes) into the search bar. The page will produce all the entries for any V-SPEC class run on all track layouts.

To find the best laps for a Viper-Jet, you’d enter “Viper-Jet” (w/o quotes) into the search bar.

To find a more specific class of car, enter “TFX Modified” (w/o quotes) into the search bar. The page will produce all records related to the TFX Modified class. Of course, you can also enter a driver’s first or last name to see their collection of track records and related details.

Unfortunately, the search capability is very primitive right now. I’ll certainly try to find better ways to quickly query the data. I’m also working on both track databases to clean up bogus records, data inconsistencies, etc.

You can use your phone to find SR2 and SR3 track records as you’re testing or practicing simply by using your phone’s browser and going to HTTP://

Next up is expanding the Driver Stats data to include both SR2 and SR3 with current data.

Okay, shut up and drive!

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