OS3 TFX “Modified”

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The OS3 TFX “Modified” class is, of course, based on the OS3 TFX “Lite” platform. While the TFX stock factory platform is amazingly fast. And only slightly slower than a current era Fray T-Jet, the “Modified” version was intended to bridge that slight gap and perhaps allow the TFX to someday compete head-to-head against downforce-restricted ECHORR/Fray platforms.

The primary differences between the TFX “Lite” and the TFX “Modified” class are:

      • Lexan bodies with OS3 body-mounts are allowed.
      • Hot-Stock (balanced & trued) 2-lam Aurora, 3-lam Dash, or OS3 Tornado armatures are allowed. The average of all three armature poles must be greater than 16-ohms.
      • Car width can be extended from stock but must not exceed 1-5/16 (1.3125) inches.
      • Most commercially-available front or rear axle assemblies may be used, including dual-flange rear hubs.

Detailed OS3 TFX “Modified” rules can be found here.


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