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Stewart Raceway IROC Sets. IROC cars are house or driver-provided cars that are color-coded to each lane. The car remains in the same lane and each driver runs each car, until the driver has rotated through all the active lanes. The goal of IROC racing is to make all the cars as equal as possible, thus allowing pure driving ability (and luck) to determine the winner and, thus, the best driver.

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The Stewart Raceway IROC fleet is growing…

From the top:

    1. MegaG “GT-40” Stockers
    2. Viper-Jet Lexan Mustangs
    3. Retro Vipers
    4. MegaG+ 1.5 Midgets
    5. Tyco 440X2 Narrow Lexan Hammerheads
    6. OS3 TFX Camaro Stockers
    7. Super G+ Lexan F1
    8. Jag Hobbies Augorans
    9. MegaG 1.7 SK/Whelen Modifieds
    10. Tyco-Jet F1/Indy
    11. MegaG+ 1.7 Super Modifieds

Incomplete for SR3 racing but not too bad. Need to add more cars to the four-car sets and get a six-car Viper V-SPEC set available soon.

These cars and other racer/builder-provided cars will be contested during our annual IROC Championship Series.

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