Jag Hobbies TR-3 “Lite”

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  • Jag Hobbies TR-3 “Lite”– Standard RTR Platform, stock 6-ohm motor, Stock motor and traction magnets, standard Augoran or any short-wheelbase screw-on hard body. Independent front-ends are NOT legal.
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JAG Hobbies TR-3 chassis features the following:

TR-3 cars with Augoran (short wheelbase) bodies.
      • Stock Silicone front and rear tires (medium hardness)
      • Stainless steel axles
      • Stainless steel guide pin (plastic included)
      • Stock Neodymium traction magnets (N30)
      • Stock Polymer motor magnets
      • Phosphor Bronze pick-up Shoes
      • Delrin gears (7T Pinion / 25 T Crown)
      • 6-ohm armature
      • Includes front and rear body screws

TR-3 Wheelbase: 1.317″ (33.5 mm)  / 1.445″ (36.7 mm)
Wheelbase is adjustable.

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1 review for Jag Hobbies TR-3 “Lite”

  1. idwurks

    @Race Director – As we discussed at our drivers meeting last week – we’re now allowing DF hubs on these, correct? I saw HOPRA allows DF hubs and open tires. Just making sure I understand. Thanks!

    • Race Director

      Yes, the Box Stock class allows double flange hubs and any silicon slip-on tire. The next series will follow HOPRA rules. Our rules pages will indicate any differences or changes to the published HOPRA rules. I suspect we’ll have a few “tweaks” here and there but hoping to stick as close to possible to HOPRA rules.

  2. Race Director

    Do not purchase the “Club” or “GT” versions of the TR-3 for racing at Stewart Raceway. We are currently only running the standard TR-3. You can purchase a rolling chassis and run whatever T-Jet screw-on body you like. Or you can purchase the Augoran (short wheelbase) or 227 ready-to-run cars with bodies. The Augoran is going to be the quickest body. The 227 is setup with a longer wheelbase. Purchase cars at Jag Hobbies: https://jaghobbies.com/ho_slot_cars/jag_tr-3_main.htm

  3. slotn77

    This platform is about as good as they get. Run Augoran bodies, run T-Jet bodies, whatever. This car is rock solid, fast, easy to work on, and a hoot to drive. Oh, and it’s way affordable!

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