Round 4 of the 2023 50/50 Racing Series Postponed Again

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Yep, could not get the minimum driver/team registrations so ended up with a casual track day instead. Just four drivers but we did make history…

Kevin Webster, Jerry Pearson, and Martha Elderon showed up on a beautiful day in the Santa Cruz mountains to race but were not disappointed. We ended up racing our newest additions to the track’s IROC fleet.

Race 1 was the new AutoWorld Super III NASCAR cars running on the inside four lines of SR3. Jerry Pearson was on fire in both races. We decided on 16v for these cars as 18v seemed a bit too much for the longer NASCAR body wheelbase bodies.

AutoWorld Super III 1.7 chassis’ with NASCAR bodies. With a few easy mods, they run pretty good.

Jerry dominated the first-ever Super III race held on SR3 with a convincing win in the first segment followed by a second, third, and a first in the final segment, edging out Home Cook’n by just one point overall.  He didn’t set any lap records in the process but he garnered the most points and took the top spot on the first-ever Super III podium at Stewart Raceway. Way to go, Jerry!  (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Jerry Pearson 78 56 1297.84
2 Steve Stewart 80 55 1250.01
3 Kevin Webster 76 45 1286.333
4 Martha Elderon 72 32 1302.092

Jerry wasn’t quite done with his stellar driving on the day. Next up was the Eric”Fastlane” Lane Viper V-SPEC F1/Indy cars. Eric gifted a brand-new set of four of these cars to the track recently and, boy, are they a hoot to drive. Smooth, very fast, and just a pleasure to drive.

Jerry, again, had a great race, winning two heats and only missed the top podium spot by two points. Jerry matched Home Cook’n lap for lap except for Segment 2, where he lost a lap and finished third. Had Jerry finished second or better in Segment 2, he might have secured the top podium spot in both races. Great driving by all, especially Martha, she doesn’t think so but she’s cutting exceptionally fast laps for somebody who has never owned a single slot car. Nice driving, Martha! (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 58 988.626
2 Jerry Pearson 79 56 1026.13
3 Kevin Webster 76 42 1015.468
4 Martha Elderon 67 32 1011.375

So, all in all, the two new IROC sets are very nice additions to the raceway fleet. The Super III cars took some work to get dialed in equal enough for fun IROC racing. Kevin Webster spent some extra time after the races and got all six running great for next time. As usual, the Viper V-SPEC cars were all very close in performance and very, very fast out of the box.

A fun day and great to flush out the new IROC sets before the next round of the 50/50 Series.

Okay, shut up and drive!

Author: Race Director

Just an old slot car racer and Race Director at Stewart Raceway.

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