Jag Hobbies PR-5 “Lite”

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  • Jag Hobbies PR-5 – Standard RTR Platform, box-stock, no-upgrades permitted. Any long-wheelbase F1/Indy-style hard body allowed. (RTR Chassis and Parts now available.)
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Jag Hobbies PR-5 “F1/Indy” 1.7

This car was designed to be a replacement for the LWB 1.7 Mega-G and Mega-G+ platforms. Parts commonality between the TR-3, NC-2, and this platform are roughly 90%.

This chassis was designed to replace the Tomy Mega G, Mega G+ and Auto World 1.7 chassis (The clip required to mount the Auto World body is not included but available separately).  The performance is similar to the Tomy Mega G chassis.

The chassis comes complete and ready to run.  Just add your body (AW body requires body clip, not included).

The chassis features the following:

      • Silicone front and rear tires
      • Stainless steel axles
      • Stainless steel guide pin
      • Neodymium front and rear traction magnets
      • Polymer motor magnets
      • Phosphor Bronze pick-up Shoes
      • Delrin gears
      • Black wheels

Wheelbase 1.6″ (41.5 mm) Bodies are not currently included.

The guide pin assembled on this chassis is for the deeper and wider slots found on the newer tracks.  The stock guide pin may cause the car to stick on some tracks.  Shorter plastic and steel guide pins are available for older tracks.

Designed and assembled in the USA with foreign and domestically sourced parts.

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2 reviews for Jag Hobbies PR-5 “Lite”

  1. Race Director

    Do not purchase the “GT” version of the PR-5 for racing at Stewart Raceway. We currently only run the standard version of the car. In addition, the first 100 cars shipped from Jag Hobbies will have hop-up motor magnets installed, these will need to be replaced with stock magnets found on this page: https://jaghobbies.com/ho_slot_cars/parts_jag-pr-5.htm PN: 12-0006-1 or 12-0006. The PR-5 can run any Tomy long wheelbase body. We currently run Tomy F1/Indy bodies found on Mega-G and Mega-G+ long wheelbase chassis’. The PR-5 also supports AW Super III long wheelbase bodies using an optional body clip found here: https://jaghobbies.com/ho_slot_cars/parts_jag-pr-5.htm PN: 50-0024A

  2. Steve Stewart

    Well, we’re fiddling with the new PR-5 platform and finding out a few things:
    1. One is we’re sticking to 15v with this cars.
    2. They don’t need the upgrade magnets at all (not legal anyway). Lap times show just running a 440 tire with stock magnets is better. First 100 cars were shipped with “hotter” motor magnets.
    3. The front-end magnets are indeed magnets, not just weights.
    4. You may need to clean up mold slag on the rims. Some tires do not seat perfectly on some rims.
    5. We’ve seen continuity issue with the PR-5 shoes. Only in one out of five cars, but it is a possible issue.
    6. This car smokes a Mega-G+ 1.7 car.

    • idwurks

      That’s good info! I’ve got a few F1 bodies from the 3d printing guy on Shapeways, and with some trimming around the nose they fit amazingly. The bodies are available in a variety of colors too, and in a variety of years. I also contacted JAG and he said that he does not make different front tire sizes.

      • New Admin

        Sweet! Hope we can run the PR-5’s soon. This bodies are cool. We’ll sort out some front tires and/or rims for it soon enough.

  3. slotn77

    I’d give this rig five stars but, of course, need to beat up on it for a while first.

  4. slotn77

    This chassis is pretty cool. Got two of them today and did a quick eval. One thing I noticed very quickly is that the the PR-5 does not play well with the VRP Dyno–just too long from guide pin to rear axle. No dyno numbers but on the track they are very quick and pretty much like a Mega-G and faster than a Mega-G+. Running the Spec F1/Indy body only slowed lap times by about a 10th of a sec. I tested on the oval but the car really seems fast and well mannered. The only thing I’d note is that one of my Tomy F1/Indy bodies rubbed the rear tires and had to be trimmed slightly. They other bodies fit fine, including F1/Indy types. Oh, and the Tomy Nascar bodies look way cool on this car!

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