Jag Hobbies NC-2 “Lite”

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  • Jag Hobbies NC-2 – Standard RTR Platform, pretty much stock with the exception of tire compound and size choices, minimum tire size (fitted to rim) must be no less than .440. No other upgrades permitted. GT-40 hard body only.
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This chassis was designed as a replacement chassis for AFX/Tomy slot car bodies.  The performance is similar to the Tomy Mega G chassis.

The chassis includes the rolling chassis and AFX clip.  Just add your body.

The chassis features the following:

      • Silicone front and rear tires (medium hardness)
      • Stainless steel axles
      • Stainless steel guide pin (plastic also included)
      • Neodymium traction magnets
      • Polymer motor magnets
      • Phosphor Bronze pick-up Shoes
      • Delrin gears
      • Includes AFX body clip
      • Black wheels

This chassis will also fit Life-Like, Tomy, Tyco wide, Tyco F1 and AW Super III with the proper clip.  (Sold separately.)

Bodies are not included.

Please note that some bodies may require modification to fit properly.  If in question, please contact us first before purchasing.

The guide pin assembled on this chassis is for the deeper and wider slots found on the newer tracks.  The stock guide pin may cause the car to stick on some tracks.  A plastic guide pin is included for older tracks.  A shorter steel pin is also available.

Designed and assembled in the USA with foreign and domestically sourced parts.

Note:  This chassis contains small parts and is recommended for ages 16+.

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2 reviews for Jag Hobbies NC-2 “Lite”

  1. Race Director

    Do not purchase the “GT” versions of the NC-2 for racing at Stewart Raceway. We are currently only running the standard version of the car. You can purchase any of the standard rolling chassis’ and run an existing Tomy GT-40 body, or any other GT-40 you can find using any of the optional body clips Jag offers. See more details here: https://jaghobbies.com/ho_slot_cars/jag_chassis_nc-2.htm

  2. slotn77

    Okay, updated the rules for the Jag NC-2 “Lite” class we discussed today. Basically stock car but you can change the body clip, tires (No smaller than .440 fitted to rim) and any compound. We’re starting to get participation in the new car classes–nice! We’ll see how the “Lite” versions of the classes do and decide if we want to move forward with the “Modified” versions later.

  3. slotn77

    Updated tire and rim rules for class.

  4. slotn77

    Awesome car! Pretty much a replacement for the Mega-G. The Tomy GT-40 and pretty much any AFX body fits plus you can get all kinds of body clips to support other hardbodies out there. We’re getting close to racing this chassis with the GT-40 hardbody. Come on guys, get one!

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