Race Results: 2021 50/50 Series, Round 2 – Road Course

Final race results for Round #2, Saturday, October 2, 2021. We ran three IROC races followed by three Builder class races.

Cumulative Scoring Summary -Oct-02-2021-15-34







Note: Results here do not include “Finished Ahead Of” points. Please 2021 50/50 Series Standings after Round #2 for complete points standings.

Race Results: 2021 50/50 Series, Round 1 – Road Course

First off, thank you for coming out to the sticks to play with little cars Saturday!
I think everyone had a great time and the race format seems to be in pretty good shape. The general consensus was that fuel racing is a great feature to employ and most feel we should keep that element in the mix. Of course, we don’t always have to run fuel races but this race series will always have at least 50% fuel racing.
The other prevailing idea was that we should increase the lap count for the road course. We’ll need to discuss how many laps but it sounds like 25 might just be the ticket.
The fuel setup we had at 20-laps seemed to work well but may have to be tweaked for 25-laps, we’ll see.
The full results and points standings are posted on my web server. The file names have the dates and a description of the contents. Also: the points system, race results summary, and the points standings are also posted.
The big story of the day was G-Man arriving late and missing the first race. Then the Race Director screwed up and didn’t get him in the line-up for the second race. Sucks being late but G-Man finally got down to business in the third race, finishing fourth and then handily winning the final three races of the day!

Looking at the results, it is clear that every driver had some very good results and certainly drove hard the whole day. 


  1. I’m (Home-Cooking) not in the running for the series awards so all I do is waste points that otherwise could be useful to other drivers. 
  2. Every finishing position after third get extra points for each driver they finish ahead of in each race. This adds up, so keep racing for every position available!

For you time-challenged folks, here’s the current series standings: 

  • Ian Douglas ……… 68.25
  • George Peters ……60
    Greg Kondrek …….57.75
  • Mike Andrews …….56
  • Russ Toy …………..36.5
  • Kevin Webster …….34.75
  • Jordan Walker …….28.25

Not likely to have another race at Stewart Raceway until the second week of September. Hopefully, Randy will do something while I’m on vacation. If not, hang in there! We’ll get back to racing here ASAP!

Round #1 Individual Race Results:

Okay, shut-up and drive!