Race Report: 2022 Formula-e Series, Round 4

Round 4 of the 2022 Formula “e” Series was yet another barn-burner day.

Round 4 was held on the SR2 Oval course and got underway on schedule and with G-Man (Greg Kondrek) arriving in time to attend the driver’s meeting and make the start of the first race.

We ran a full program plus one unofficial “Dirt” car race using the venerable MegaG+ w/ SK/Whelan Modified bodies.

We opened the day of racing with the first-ever Formula “e” car, the Tyco-Jet. Sort of a Stewart Raceway tradition now, we always start Fe races with the Tyco-Jet, which most guys seem to enjoy in spite of its excessively “loose” feel, even for a “Jet” car.

Race 1: Tyco-Jet IROC(12.5v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 120 16 363.732
2 Ian Douglass 120 13 364.581
3 Greg Kondrek 117 11 371.869
4 George Peters 109 7 373.295
5 Kevin Webster 87 6 372.056
6 Jordan Walker 82 5 381.673

The vintage Tyco-Jet IROC cars seem to be enjoyed by most, especially on the oval. Home Cook’n, Ian Douglass, and Greg Kondrek battled this one out with Home Cook’n and Ian finishing 1-2 and on the same lap.  Detailed Results

Race 2: OS3 TFX “Lites” (18v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 118 16 354.852
2 Steve Stewart 118 13 371
3 George Peters 110 11 361.47
4 Greg Kondrek 108 7 367.217
5 Kevin Webster 84 6 350.858
6 Jordan Walker 81 5 366.201

Somehow I muffed a couple of podium shots on the day. This shot is actually the Concourse d’Elegance winner, George Peter’s Caddilac on the top step. Another Home Cook’n/Ian Douglass battle royal. Obviously, Ian won the race but George won the Concourse judging and the final spot on the podium in the always a blast TFX “Lites” class. Detailed Results.

Race 3: Formula V (12.5v)

Sorry, no podium shot here. This was the Formula V “F1/Indy” class debut.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 120 16 298.223
2 Ian Douglass 117 13 283.988
3 Greg Kondrek 106 11 289.123
4 George Peters 106 7 291.924
5 Kevin Webster 100 6 293.024
6 Jordan Walker 67 5 302.438

This class seems like it might stick. The current rules are fairly vague but the car is based on the BSRT Formula G-Jet, which is actually fairly popular nationally. I think most of us utilized Viper-Jets and just moved the front axles to the long wheel-base hole and added a Tomy SG+ F1/Indy body. Home Cookn’s car was a HCS “Sportsman” chassis, which isn’t as good as a pure BSRT Formula G-Jet but it does have a 25T crown, which was actually very smooth on the oval and seemed to come off the corners a bit quicker. I know second-place driver, Ian Douglass,  had converted his cars to the upcoming HOPRA rules, which limit the crown gear and pinions in this class to 7/23.  The third-place finisher, Greg Kondrek, was running a borrowed car with a 7/21 gear setup but with MG+ front wheels and tires, which may explain why he was off the pace. The Sportsman front-end is also higher than the Formula G-Jet but seemed to work pretty good on the oval. Detailed Results

Race 4:  Jag Hobbies PR-5 F1/Indy “Lites” 400-Laps (16.5v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 387 16 831.205
2 Steve Stewart 385 13 804.704
3 Ian Douglass 376 11 805.023
4 Greg Kondrek 357 7 878.33
5 Kevin Webster 352 6 827.103
6 Jordan Walker 207 5 842.132

The “Feature 400” race was another barn-burner race that was looking like another dual between Ian and Home Cook’n. Kondrek had a very fast car but was struggling with handling issues. Meanwhile, George Peters was quietly picking up laps, points, and determination. Going into the final heat, Ian was on the top of the leaderboard with 376-laps but done with his rotation. With only 376-laps, there were plenty of drivers thinking that wasn’t going to be enough.  Kevin Webster was having a pretty good run and sitting in second place, but with only 352-laps, he too was on the bubble.  George knew what he had to do and went out in the final segment and drove the wheels off his car to take the win by two laps.  Between the PR-5 chassis’ speed and the Formula “e” 50-lap/fuel format, this race is an adrenaline-overload pressure cooker, for sure.  Detailed Results

Race 5:  Retro-Vipers IROC (12v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 120 16 356.6
2 Greg Kondrek 115 13 380.724
3 Steve Stewart 114 11 369.314
4 George Peters 114 7 388.475
5 Kevin Webster 89 6 384.786
6 Jordan Walker 72 5 382.919

The Retro-Viper is another cool car on the oval. Fast and loose, and a handful to drive. Ian Douglass nearly ran away with this one, winning three of his four rotations and out with a perfect score of 120-laps. It was another very competitive race but in the end, Ian won the race with a commanding 5-lap gap. The battle for second between Greg Kondrek, George Peters, and Home Cook’n was all that remained to be settled going into the final segment.  Home Cook’n was out with a 114-lap score, Kondrek at 85-laps, and Peters at 84-laps. The final segment was amazing to watch. And, because I was out, I could watch it unfold. When the checkered flag dropped, Kondrek would best third and fourth by just one lap and seal the deal for the second spot on the podium. Home Cook’n managed to best Peters but only by points, not total laps. Both drivers finished with 114-laps. Very close racing is what it’s all about.  Detailed Results

Race 6:  Jag Hobbies NC-2 GT-40 “Lites” (15v)

The final “official” race of the day was another very competitive race (Sorry, muffed the podium shot). The NC-2 class is another highly competitive race where you’re dealing with a stock car and limited tuning options. However, on the oval, speed is the main ingredient for success. In this one, with NC-2 ace, Russ Toy, out of the line-up racing in Rocklin, Ian seemed to have the complete package and bested the field with another perfect run of 120-laps. Greg Kondrek was closest with 113-laps, and George Peters just one lap behind rounding out the podium.  Detailed Results

All in all, it was a fantastic day of racing. Though our lone Junior driver had a rare unproductive day, he hung in there for all six “official” races, and hopefully learned a bit about sportsmanship and racing in general. Amazingly, while Jordan was struggling in the feature PR-5 400-lap race, his Dad, George, won that race while also trying to coach Jordan through his entire rotation—that takes some serious focusing skills, for sure.

We actually ran one additional “Unofficial” MegaG+ SK/Whelan Modified “Dirt car” race after the official stuff finished. Ian Douglass won that race also–by four laps!

Current “Unofficial” 2022 Formula “e” Points Standings
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 3556 300 14064.65
2 Ian Douglass 2557 240 10498.28
3 George Peters 3314 223 14488.69
4 Russ Toy 2403 146 11253.26
5 Kevin Webster 2152 95 10747.85
6 Jordan Walker 1655 73 9918.38
7 Brad Sandahl 149 12 1241.092
These results do not include "Finish Ahead Of" points awarded to all positions after 3rd place in every race. The "Official" standings will be posted separately soon.

Greg Kondrek is still leading the series but can only use points from four of his five races. Ian is very close in points and has missed one already. The G-Man is going to need a very good Round 5 finale to seal the deal and take home the trophy for the 2022 Formula “e” Series. Be ready for more adrenaline-pumping action in the series finale in just two weeks.

Round 5 is slated for February 26, 2022 and will be held on the SR2 road course. Stay tuned for details and event registration link.

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Race Report: 2022 Formula-e Series, Round 3

Round 3 of the Formula “e” Series was yet another hotly contested event but this time with nearly a full field.  Because we had nearly  a full field of drivers we didn’t get to try out the new wireless call buttons–darn!

Round 3 on the SR2 straight road course got underway on schedule and with G-Man (Greg Kondrek) arriving early–again!

We ran a full program plus one redo race due speedster, Ian Douglass, reaching the minimum lap time in the “Pot Luck” MG+ IROC race.

As is now established tradition at Stewart Raceway, the first race on the schedule was the Formula “e” cars that started off the “Fe” Series back in 2019. We decided to run them at 12v instead of 15v this time, seemed to be a good move.

Race 1: Tyco-Jet IROC(12v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 80 16 589.716
2 George Peters 79 13 618.086
3 Steve Stewart 75 11 562.815
4 Greg Kondrek 75 7 596.385
5 Russ Toy 73 6 604.494
6 Jordan Walker 68 5 588.769
7 Kevin Webster 68 4 631.036

The vintage Tyco-Jet IROC cars were a lot more drive-able at 12v and the racing a whole lot closer. These cars are even fun on a road course. With Ian Douglass back in the game and very good with Tyco-Jets, it was another hard and fast race. Ian topped the field while veteran T-Jet driver, George Peters took the second podium spot. Detailed Results

Race 2: OS3 TFX “Lites” (18v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 80 16 574.679
2 Steve Stewart 78 13 580.163
3 Greg Kondrek 78 11 591.862
4 Kevin Webster 71 7 601.083
5 Russ Toy 71 6 607.124
6 George Peters 65 5 597.233
7 Jordan Walker 61 4 610.146

This race was actually pretty close between both second and third and also fourth and fifth. Ian took top honors with two laps on his closest competitors. Greg Kondrek rounded out the podium with his styling Corvette skin. However, there may be a little controversy in this race. Looking closely, Ian’s car appears to have a much wider stance than the second place car. While we haven’t published any specific rules for the TFX “Lite” platform, the agreed upon spec for the TFX Lite was to be a completely stock car with the only exception being Black Dragon magnets instead of Gray Dragons. The third place car also appears to have a wider than stock stance. Detailed Results.

Race 3: MG+ F1/Indy 1.7  IROC (18v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 80 16 379.173
2 Steve Stewart 78 13 388.058
3 Russ Toy 77 11 371.424
4 Greg Kondrek 76 7 380.609
5 George Peters 76 6 385.022
6 Kevin Webster 70 5 376.29
7 Jordan Walker 68 4 375.263

The first version of this race had to be redone since Ian kept going under the established minimum lap time for this car. We ran the whole race but Ian clearly had a whole bunch of missing laps due to the problem.

Once we reset the minimum lap time and restarted, Ian quickly established himself as the car to beat. Russ Toy also seemed to enjoy this car also, winning his first heat and then leading the race for the next three.

I can’t remember what version of the race, but Jordan Walker (JOTY) was on fire in both races. Jordan was well on his way to at least a podium spot going into his final heat but had trouble in the heat and dropped out of contention. Still, he was really liking Kevin Webster’s sweet MG+ set, for sure.

In the end, Ian took the top podium spot with Russ Toy taking the final podium spot with a great performance. Detailed Results

Race 4: Jag Hobbies PR-5 F1/Indy “Lites” 400-Laps (16.5v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 399 16 1753.153
2 Steve Stewart 395 13 1766.428
3 Greg Kondrek 372 11 1741.234
4 Russ Toy 363 7 1786.025
5 Kevin Webster 338 6 1780.567
6 Jordan Walker 308 5 1807.999
7 George Peters 305 4 1797.436

The “Feature 400” race was another barn-burner race with Ian Douglass putting in yet another stellar driving and fuel management performance in the grueling 400-lap, dual rotation race. Actually, the whole race was very competitive with several drivers winning several 50-lap heats. Going into the final segments, it was a battle between Ian Douglass and ‘Home Cook’n. In the end, Ian took the top spot on the podium after Home Cook’n spaced his final rotation and missed the start, losing quite a few laps in the process. Detailed Results

Race 5: Jag Hobbies NC-2 GT-40 “Lites” (15v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Russ Toy 79 16 375.623
2 Greg Kondrek 77 13 346.509
3 Ian Douglass 77 11 361.535
4 George Peters 71 7 361.082
5 Steve Stewart 69 6 381.621
6 Kevin Webster 65 5 368.177
7 Jordan Walker 60 4 367.033

This one was a all Russ Toy show.  The winner of the inaugural NC-2 race back on the 2021 50-50 Racing Series, Russ proved that he’s the dominant NC-2 driver at Stewart Raceway. Greg Kondrek fought extremely hard with his well prepared GT-40, but could only get within two laps of the undisputed NC-2 points leader. Kondrek had serious pressure from Ian Douglass, both going into the final segment with the same lap count and finishing on the same lap. Kondrek would have to settle for defending his second place podium spot while Ian ended up with the the third and final spot. George Peters and Kevin Webster also had some very good heat results. In fact, nearly every driver seemed to manage a top 3 in at least one segment, which shows this class is one of the most competitive classes we run.  Detailed Results

Race 6: U-Build Viper V-SPEC “Lexan” (15v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 78 16 290.399
2 Steve Stewart 77 13 287.173
3 Ian Douglass 75 11 316.882
4 George Peters 72 7 321.26
5 Jordan Walker 69 6 314.172
6 Russ Toy 66 5 283.302
7 Kevin Webster 63 4 301.165

The final race of the day was again a barn-burner. The fastest cars we run, the Viper V-SPEC races are always close, fast, and furious. This one was more of the same. Home Cook’n was well on his way to victory after winning three of his segments with 60-laps to Kondrek’s 58-laps going into the final segment.  Ian Douglass was leading the race but with only 75-laps completed, he was on the bubble. In the end, Home Cook’n had another senior moment and overshot what was supposed to be a splash & dash pit stop and lost at least a couple of laps. Kondrek took top honors with Ian Douglass rounding out the V-SPEC podium. Father and Son rivals, George and Jordan had quite a battle going themselves with George besting Jordan by just three laps at the finish.  Detailed Results

Series Standings After ROund 3:

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 2520 222 11056.27
2 Ian Douglass 1586 155 8082.302
3 George Peters 2265 153 11432.48
4 Russ Toy 2315 139 10775.4
5 Kevin Webster 1350 59 8245.118
6 Jordan Walker 1077 43 7360.309
7 Brad Sandahl 149 12 1241.092

While the final standings will be based on the best points from four of the five events and “Finished Ahead Of” points totals, Greg Kondrek continues to lead the “unofficial” points chase. Ian Douglass missed one event (Round 2) but moves into second place after pretty much dominating Round 3’s road course event. George Peters drops from second to third, Russ Toy and Kevin Webster round out the top 5 going into Round 4. Rookie of the Year, Brad Sandahl, has missed two races, which puts him out of contention for this series but I’m sure he’ll make another appearance on the podium before this one is over.

I’ll calculate and post the “Official” points tally ASAP.

Round 4 is slated for February 12, 2022 and will be held on the oval course. Stay tuned for details and an event registration link.

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Race Report: 2022 Formula-e Series, Round 2

Round 2 of the Formula “e” Series was another hotly contested event but with a much smaller field than initially anticipated. We expected a field of at least eight drivers for Round 2 of the 2022 series. However, just days before the start, nearly half the field notified the Race Director that they would be unable to attend.

Not to be deterred, the race went on as scheduled and we expected at least five drivers to start. The morning of the race, yet another driver reported their inability to make the start. With track preparations and facilities ready to roll, track management decided to go ahead with the “official” race and Round 2 on the SR2 oval proceeded as planned.

right-click and open in new tab for larger image

And, as usual, the reduced field did not disappoint the massive crowds or the drivers participating. The race started on schedule and we ran a full program plus one extra race due to the reduced attendance.

The first race of the schedule was the Formula “e” cars that started off the Fe Series back in 2019. These cars are interesting to drive and very challenging, even on the oval. Yes, Round 2 was on SR2’s oval layout.

Race 1: Tyco-Jet IROC(15v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 119 16 433.418
2 Greg Kondrek 112 13 453.726
3 George Peters 107 11 438.915
4 Russ Toy 101 7 443.27

As is customary for a Formula “e” event, we started the day with house vintage Tyco-Jet IROC cars. These cars are always fun on the oval, which is where they got their start at SR2 back in 2019.  This race was pretty much a Home Cook’n affair with only Heat 2  where Russ Toy was banging on the door to upset things. The rest of the heats pretty much ended like the results above show. Detailed Results

Race 2: OS3 TFX “Box Stocker” 68′ Camaros (IROC) (18v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 119 16 459.471
2 Steve Stewart 113 13 460.814
3 George Peters 107 11 472.603
4 Russ Toy 99 7 470.096

This race was pretty much a G-Man show but George Peters and Home Cook’n fought hard to keep him close. In the end, Kondrek won the race with a well-deserved six-lap advantage over two seasoned T-Jet racers.
Detailed Results

The OS3 TFX is a way cool car and this race was made even more challenging because this house IROC set was completely stock TFX cars with George Peters detailed Camaro bodies. George did a great job “reworking” the house Camaro’s with new paint, decals, and other cool details.


Really good-looking cars and great handling characteristics.

Race 3: OS3 TFX “Lites”(18v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 118 16 399.201
2 Greg Kondrek 115 13 404.303
3 George Peters 108 11 403.63
4 Russ Toy 107 7 408.653

The first “Builder’s Class” race of the day. Race 3 was almost more of the same G-Man show but Russ Toy put in a couple of great heats also. In the end, Home Cook’n managed to stay ahead of the many challenges in this one, including botched fuel management. Detailed Results

Ad Hoc: Formula K “Roll Your Own”
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 120 16 470.476
2 Steve Stewart 113 13 470.266
3 George Peters 111 11 517.759
4 Russ Toy 88 7 477.861

Threw this one in while we were waiting for lunch to arrive. Of course, only G-Man and I have enough experience with these cars but George adapted to the quirks of these cars pretty quickly. It’s all about way different controller settings. The results show who figured the settings out the quickest. These cars are going to be wild on the SR3 oval, for sure. Detailed Results

Race 4: Jag Hobbies PR-5 F1/Indy “Lites” 400-Laps (17v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 398 16 999.879
2 Greg Kondrek 367 13 1000.635
3 Russ Toy 358 11 998.594
4 George Peters 324 7 1043.976

The “Feature 400” race was a Home Cook’n show. Who not only had the home track advantage but also had way more track time with these cars with the stock magnets, which is the configuration we ran this round. Our first ever PR-5 race in Round 1 was run with the hop-up motor magnets. So, other than Home Cook’n, everybody was driving the “Lite” version of this car for the very first time. The results clearly illustrate the disparity in track time with the “Lite” configuration.  The winning car also benefitted from a 3D-printed body from MTS/Shapeways (2021 F1), which seemed to work better than the narrow wing AFX/Racemasters bodies used by Greg and Russ. George also ran an MTS/Shapeways body but experienced both car and controller issues throughout the race. Detailed Results

Race 5: JAg Hobbies NC-2 GT-40 “Lites” (15v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 114 16 319.923
2 Greg Kondrek 113 13 325.258
3 Steve Stewart 106 11 317.901
4 Russ Toy 104 7 316.774

G-Man was walking away with this race until the final heat gremlins dashed his hopes of another podium. George Peters was six laps down going into the final heat after Russ Toy bagged a second-place finish in the first heat. George kept fighting and took advantage of G-Man’s several unfortunate crashes in the final heat and came out on top–Nice!  Detailed Results

Race 6: U-Build Viper-Jets (15v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 114 16 341.367
2 Russ Toy 113 13 341.844
3 Greg Kondrek 112 11 328.133
4 George Peters 87 7 429.478

The final “official” race of the day ended with some very exciting racing and a relatively close finish of just one lap separating each of the podium spots. This one appeared to be another G-Man show early on but Russ Toy had other plans. Russ stayed extremely close on laps in every heat, which edged out Kondrek’s two heat wins by just one lap in the end.  George’s head was probably already at the Shark Tank when this one went green but at least he came away with some much-needed series points.  Detailed Results

Series Standings After ROund 2:

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 1764 157 7109.268
2 George Peters 1597 111 7352.361
3 Russ Toy 1586 88 6747.409
4 Ian Douglass 795 69 4107.164
5 Kevin Webster 675 28 4186.8
6 Jordan Walker 443 15 3296.926
7 Brad Sandahl 149 12 1241.092

Okay, there you have it.  I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time on the oval and we experimented with various fuel management setups, which were interesting. One more oval in this series, which will likely be Round 4 on February 12, 2022.

Round 5 coming up on January 29, 2022. Stay tuned for details on this road course event.

Okay, shut up and drive!

2022 Formula-E Series, Round 1 Detailed Results Posted

For the more analytical types out there the detailed race results can be found here.

The page listing is a bit whacked but the latest results are at the top. The first race was numbered 393 and the last race was number 403.  For other results just look at the filename dates, time, and numbering sequence.

Detailed results can show some interesting things. For example, G-Man had a horrible second segment in the Viper V-Spec race in the yellow lane (filename 396),  losing what looks like at least eight laps, which resulted in him finishing in 5th place. However, when you look at the final segment results, Kondrek’s race stats are tops in every category.

Tip: If your car doesn’t start refueling after a couple of seconds, go around again. It’s not very common but sometimes the pit sensors don’t detect a car entering the pits.  Typically the sense time is 2-seconds, in a V-Spec race that’s about a half-lap lost right there.

Race Report: 2022 Formula-e Series, Round 1

Turned out to be a good date for our 2022 season kick-off. A cold but sunny day with everyone stuffed into the paddock area with not much space for tearing into cars, if needed. I don’t think many of us have ever raced little cars on New Year’s Day before but it worked out pretty well.

Of course, the first order of business was presenting 2021 driver awards to Brad Sandahl and Jordan Walker. Brad took 2021 Rookie of the Year honors while Jordan earned Junior of the Year honors. Brad’s first-year 2021 season was nothing short of spectacular with many race wins and an overall event victory in the 50/50 Series season finale back in November.  Jordan has been racing with us for several years now but he’s definitely the top junior driver at Stewart Raceway right now.

The last time Stewart Raceway hosted a Formula-E event was way back in late December of 2019. Six drivers showed up for that inaugural race with well-prepared Tyco 440-X2 narrow-chassis cars with brass weights replacing the traction magnets and brass independent front-ends, aka a Tyco-Jet. So it was only fitting that we kick off our 2022 Formula-E Series with a Tyco-Jet IROC race.


http://stewartraceway.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/20220102_130025.jpgRace 1: Tyco-Jet IROC
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 80 16 582.406
2 Steve Stewart 79 13 574.761
3 Greg Kondrek 78 11 619.206
4 Brad Sandahl 78 7 630.554
5 George Peters 75 6 607.322
6 Russ Toy 69 5 598.027
7 Kevin Webster 66 4 625.232
8 Jordan Walker 65 3 647.373

Ian didn’t waste any time re-establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with at SR2. The Tyco-Jets clearly suited Ian’s driving style but it was still a very close race.

Simulated Podium (Oops!)
Race 2: OS3 TFX (Lite)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 16 589.896
2 Greg Kondrek 80 13 599.084
3 George Peters 74 11 597.952
4 Ian Douglass 72 7 591.499
5 Russ Toy 72 6 608.772
6 Brad Sandahl 71 5 610.538
7 Jordan Walker 67 4 598.134
8 Kevin Webster 65 3 609.071

This was our first-ever OS3 TFX “Builders” race, featuring some very cool T-Jet and Fray-style bodies and livery. We’ve raced the TFX plenty of times prior but only IROC sets. The G-Man (Greg Kondrek) even arrived on time and ready to start the 2022 season much stronger than he ended his 2021 season. Home Cook`n edged out Greg by just 10-seconds in total run-time break the tie.

Oops again! Ian’s X-mas gift to Home Cook`n 🙂
Race 3: U-Build Viper V-Spec Lexan Bodies
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Ian Douglass 78 16 287.385
2 Steve Stewart 75 13 293.657
3 Russ Toy 74 11 304.048
4 George Peters 71 7 305.575
5 Greg Kondrek 69 6 281.316
6 Kevin Webster 67 5 298.125
7 Jordan Walker 66 4 298.053

Ian Douglass and Greg Kondrek showed up with some serious speed in the Viper V-Spec class. Ian easily won the very fast race after Kondrek experienced refueling issues, which cost him a whole bunch of laps. Most of us benefited from Kondrek’s misfortune and Russ Toy took full advantage of the situation bagging the final podium spot in this fast & furious race. ROTY-winner, Brad Sandahl, unfortunately, had family commitments and was unable to continue racing after Race 3.

Race 4: Jag Hobbies PR-5 “Indy/F1” (Feature Race)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 399 16 1655.972
2 Steve Stewart 390 13 1706.066
3 Ian Douglass 380 11 1668.836
4 Russ Toy 380 7 1691.526
5 George Peters 350 6 1741.148
6 Kevin Webster 322 5 1672.853
7 Jordan Walker 245 4 1753.366

The feature race had a couple of tweaks to the program. The rotations were left over from previous 600-lap Formula-E races, which Ian quickly pointed out. So we switched from the slated 300-lap race to a 400-lap race with the correct number of rotations. Don’t remember the fuel allocation but it was too much!

We also discovered in the first heat that many drivers had PR-5 cars with hop-up magnets installed, which are not allowed by PR-5 “Lite” rules.  In fact, Russ Toy had a 5-lap lead on the field before we discovered the discrepancy. Nobody was deliberately cheating but we had to stop the race and sort things out.

Since there seemed to be more “illegal” cars, we decided the inaugural PR-5 race would be run with “Modified” cars instead of “Lite” cars.  Several of us borrowed PR-5’s with the hop-up magnets and we continued with the race.

Russ actually maintained his dominance of the race all the way through his first three-segment rotation, going out with a perfect 150 laps and winning all three heats. George Peters, Home Cook`n, and Greg Kondrek had brief stints as race leaders until Russ Toy came back in and clicked-off three more consecutive heat wins!

Meanwhile, Greg Kondrek threw off the bad luck that plagued him in the previous race and quietly stormed through the field during his final rotation and bagged the win with 399 laps, nine laps ahead of the second-place finisher, and 19 laps ahead of Ian Douglass, third-place. Long-time race leader, Russ Toy would end the race in fourth.

Race 5: Jag Hobbies NC-2 “Lites” (15v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 120 16 557.841
2 Steve Stewart 120 13 578.72
3 George Peters 112 11 559.841
4 Russ Toy 109 7 565.805
5 Ian Douglass 106 6 558.375
6 Kevin Webster 94 5 541.85

G-Man continued his “storm” in Race 5, with a fairly convincing win of ~ 20-seconds over Home Cook`n. George Peters capped off the podium with a nice third-place finish. We lost Jordan to fatigue (and too many of “my” cookies) after Race 5.

Race 6: Viper-Jet Lexan (12.1v)
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 80 16 424.323
2 Ian Douglass 79 13 418.663
3 Steve Stewart 75 11 405.402
4 George Peters 68 7 431.998
5 Kevin Webster 61 6 439.669

The final race was a Kondrek-Douglass slugfest with the G-Man edging out Ian by just one lap.

Overall Formula-E Round 1 Results
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Greg Kondrek 826 78 4137.742
2 Ian Douglass 795 69 4107.164
3 George Peters 750 48 4243.836
4 Russ Toy 704 36 3768.178
5 Kevin Webster 675 28 4186.8
6 Jordan Walker 443 15 3296.926
7 Brad Sandahl 149 12 1241.092

After all the racing it seemed like either the New Year celebrations or the hot & heavy day of racing had taken its toll on the drivers. Everybody seemed pretty tired and we called it quits after six races. Even Kondrek didn’t hang out for hot-laps or testing, he left exhausted—but victorious!

Round 2 of the 2022 Formula-E Series is slated for January 15. Stay tuned for details.

Please share comments, suggestions, and ideas on this page or in the forums. I’d like some feedback on the race formats and overall program before the next event, please.

Okay, shut-up and drive!