Discover slot car racing and the thrill of racing without breaking the bank or your neck…

Discover slot car racing in north central California, in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains, and enjoy the thrill of racing without the risk and expense associated with today’s mostly out-of-reach auto racing scene.

Slot car racing can have nearly as much excitement and adrenaline as full-scale car racing and you won’t break your neck or the bank doing it. Slot car racing is fast, affordable, and way fun if you’re into competitive hobbies or sports. 

And you can try it without expense. Simply show up for an event at Stewart Raceway and we’ll provide you with a car, controller, and everything else you need to discover the thrill and enjoyment of driving and racing slot cars.

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    Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 2

    Round 2 was another fast and furious day of racing on the SR3 “Squeeze Lane” road course. The short stories were Jordan Walker topping the Sportsman points and  George Peters collecting the majority of Expert points. The weather was sunny but fairly cool so we had the heater blasting most of the day. Race 1: … Continue reading “Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 2”


    Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 1

    While the weather didn’t cooperate, the slot car faithful certainly did. Nice turnout in spite of the rainy conditions and lack of shuttle service from the parking lots to the paddock. Oh well, 1/64 scale shuttles can’t transport many “real” people anyway. Okay, so the short stories are a battle royale between George Peters and … Continue reading “Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 1”


    Open Track Day Report

    Wow! I think we broke records for attendance at Stewart Raceway yesterday. What a great turnout of junior drivers, parents, and club drivers preparing for next Saturday’s 50/50 Series opening round. Thank you to all our friends and parents who brought their kids to the track Saturday. It was fantastic to see all lanes busy, … Continue reading “Open Track Day Report”