TFX “Modified” Testing Yielding Interesting Results

OS3 TFX with a Wizzard E-Jet front-end, Black Dragon magnets, Titanium axles, and a Tornado 16.5-ohm arm.

Yea, I know, we haven’t raced this class…yet.

We’ve raced the TFX “Lite” platform, which is virtually a stock OS3 TFX platform with Black Dragon magnets instead of the factory-installed Grey Dragon magnets. The extra downforce makes the car much easier to drive and increases lap times considerably.

The TFX “Modified” is the next logical step for those who enjoy T-Jet-style racing but want to go a bit faster.  Our rules allow quite a few mods but do not allow any stronger magnets than the OS3 Black Dragons.  We also do not allow Dual-Compound tires.

Best lap on SR2. Top-level Fray cars have clicked-off 5.7-sec laps on the same layout but with Dual-Compound tires and Dash Killer Bee magnets.

In spite of those restrictions, my initial testing with a “Modified” TFX, produced lap times fairly close to a top-level Fray T-Jet on SR2. This is very encouraging since the cost of a competitive “Modified” TFX platform is roughly $100 compared to a comparable Fray T-Jet at ~$250 or much, much more. Yes, my testing was without a Lexan body.

I suspect one could get the TFX “Modified” platform into the 5.7-sec/lap range (w/Body) with only a bit more development and tuning. I haven’t tried a Dynamic balanced/trued arm yet but I suspect there will be diminishing returns there due to the limitations of the Black Dragon motor magnets.

My current “Modified” parts list:

    • Black Dragon Motor Magnets
    • Wizzard “E-Jet” Brass Front-end
    • OS3 Tornado 16.5-ohm Armature
    • Wizzard Titanium axles
    • SlotTech Comm Brushes
    • Viper Teflon Armature Spacer
    • RT-170 Crown Gear

“Modified” rules allow a Lexan body using OS3 “stick-on” body mounts, which helps keep costs down but detailing possibilities limitless.

Okay, we’re not racing this class in Round 1 but I’d really like to get this platform added to the mix at Stewart Raceway at some point. It’ll take some testing and tuning so let me know if you’d like some extra track time to get a car developed and ready to race.

This class is for the more hardcore Slothead and fits into the HOPRA “Super Stock” level of racing.

Okay, shut up and drive!

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