Another Amazing Track Day!

Open track days are always full of surprises but when you get a bunch of Juniors in the mix, it’s never a dull moment.

Today, Team Maddox and Team Haglund showed up in full force. We had two Moms and five juniors in the paddock, most of them cut a bunch of practice hot laps. Even Dax Schwartz made an appearance on the track.

It was a pretty crowded track for an hour or so until the juniors realized it was a bright sunny day outside and decided to go out and explore the great outdoors. Not necessarily a bad thing for us big kids since it freed up a bunch of lanes for some senior hot-lapping.

The kids seemed to enjoy each other playing outside more than on the track so they didn’t return to the paddock and would depart before any racing broke out. And boy, did racing break out after that. We had a pretty stacked field of Sportsman and Expert drivers who had had enough practice and wanted to do some racing.

Home Cook’n, George Peters, Aaron Castro

Eric “Fast” Lane brought over his IROC fleet of Dodge Tradesman & Ford Econoline vans on MG+ 1.7 chassis’ to play with. Very challenging cars to race but very fun also.

Home Cook’n, Jerry Pearson, Aaron Castro

Of course, with this group, once racing starts it goes on for a while. The next race was another IROC set, this time the venerable Tyco 440-X2 chassis with Harden Creek “Hammer Head” Lexan bodies. These are the cars the Juniors typically practice and race with. They were recently tuned up by GP Designs so we thought we’d give them a go.

We did have a few issues with a couple of the cars but managed to complete another very competitive fuel race with them.

Home Cook’n, Aaron Castro, George Peters

Yep, even though we lost Eric and Jerry after the first two races, we pressed on and kept going. This time, the drivers wanted to go faster, so we picked Eric’s Viper V-SPEC F1/Indy Lexan IROC fleet. Not too many tracks where the host can pull out a full set of Viper V-SPEC cars to thrash–Thanks, Eric!

These are the fastest cars we run and the lap times did not disappoint. Vipers are fast and furious cars that make a whole lot of noise when they exit rails and slam into something.

Home Cook’n, Aaron Castro, Kevin Webster

Yep, more racing ensued after an adrenaline-pumping Viper race. George and Jordan departed just before our fourth race of the day. This time, the remaining group decided on Stewart Raceway’s fleet of Jag Hobbies TR-3 chassis’ with Jag Hobbies “Augoran” hardbodies. These cars are slightly modified versions of the TR-3, with independent front-ends and dual flange rear hubs. Very fast and stuck rigs!

Home Cook’n, Aaron Castro, Kevin Webster

Yep, this last bunch wasn’t quite finished for the day. After careful consideration, the small group decided on the Jag Hobbies NC-2 chassis’ with NASCAR-style bodies. Race 5 would be a very close battle between Aaron Castro and Home Cook’n. One of the cars had a larger body than the other two and would prove to be difficult to compete with the other two for all drivers. In the end, Home Cook’n edged out Aaron Castro by just two laps and three points in a hard-fought fuel race.

Yep, we did one more! This time, we opted for Stewart Raceway’s AFX Super G+ chassis’ with F1/Indy Lexan bodies. Haven’t raced these in quite a while but they did not disappoint, very fast but very predictable cars. Another barn-burner race with Home Cook’n just edging Aaron Castro out by one lap and one heat win.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 524 324 5172.575
2 Aaron Castro 507 275 5285.698
3 Kevin Webster 456 211 5377.044
4 George Peters 289 146 2425.914
5 Jordan Walker 271 123 2424.157
6 Jerry Pearson 189 97 1740.457
7 Eric Lane 180 77 1784.339

While there were quite a few highlights on the day, the top one was when Jordan’s recently captured snake found its way inside of Kevin’s controller. Kevin had to disassemble the controller to remove the snake!

Right-click and open in new window to see a larger image.

Brings a whole new meaning to “Racing with Vipers.”

Okay, shut up and drive!

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