2024 Open Wheel Series, Round 1 Video Coverage

Race 2, 3, and 4 are up on Rumble. I’m very sorry, I spaced and didn’t record the first race, which was a great one with seven drivers in the mix.

Also, the Turn 2 camera got knocked out of position so that scene is a bit skewed of where it should be.

Click on the links above the embedded videos to view this full-screen.
Race 2: Viper V-SPEC “F1/Indy” Lexan IROC (c/o Eric “Fast” Lane)

Race 3: MegaG+ 1.7 F1/Indy Hardbody IROC (c/o Webster Motorsports)

Race 4: Viper V-SPEC “SPEC STOCK” Lexan

Author: Race Director

Just an old slot car racer and Race Director at Stewart Raceway.

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