Viper V-Spec “Lite Lexan”

  • Viper V-SPECtm Lexan– RTR Platform with Lexan GTP/Can-Am bodies.
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The VSPEC™ race car is a reliable, fast and fully upgradable HO Scale Slot car built with high performance parts. Many features on the VSPEC™ RTR are found on our all out race cars at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking a car that will run great on your home set or a car that can be competitive at your local club this is the car for you. The V1 chassis features molded in body post for use with lightweight Lexan bodies or if you are not interested in running Lexan bodies the molded tubes can be removed and most Tomy SG+ bodies can be used with a body clip. Tomy F1 bodies will also snap onto the V1 chassis once the post have been removed. (Please specify if you want the post removed.)  Lots of fun and best bang for your buck. 
      • V1 High Performance Chassis 
      • Razor™ Front end
      • 6 Ohm high output VSR Armature
      • Pro 4  Magnet package
      • CNC Machined VSR rear end setup
      • Sized Production PST™ Tires
      • Great for Club racing and Home sets

A totally stock 7/23 geared V-SPEC platform running a Lexan pinned body. Tire sizes and compounds may be changed. If it is not listed above, it is not legal at Stewart Raceway.

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  1. idwurks

    @Steve, given the allowance of “hot stock” armatures, but a limit of 6ohms, aren’t hot stock arms 5.8ohms? Just looking for some clarity here as I was thinking about it.

    • Race Director

      Any arm has to be at least 6ohms or it’s not legal. Usually they are just slightly over 6 ohms but depending on temperature, one that is close could measure illegal in cooler temps. Usually each winding will vary so the average of the three is how they are measured. Hot stock arms are just balanced and trued stock arms that may or may not be better than a good stock arm. For example, my V-Spec Lexan has a stock arm but is very fast.

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