2024 Open Wheel Series: Round 5 Finale Video Coverage Posted

2024 Open Wheel Series

We ran three “official” races, but your favorite Race Director failed to push the record button for the first race. Major bummer since that was a very competitive and exciting race, sorry.

The other two races are now posted on Rumble for viewing.

Race 2:  MegaG+ “Modified” Paper Bodies

Race 3: Viper V-SPEC “SPEC STOCK” F1/Indy Lexan

Both recorded races were also extremely competitive and exciting. Enjoy!

2024 Open Wheel Series: Round 4 Video Coverage

2024 Open Wheel Series

All four “official” races were recorded and are now posted on Rumble for viewing.

Race 1: MegaG Whelen/SK Modifieds (IROC)

Race 2:  MegaG+ “Modified” Paper Bodies

Race 3: MegaG+ “Lites” AFX Alpha Romeo F1 Team Cars (IROC)

Race 4: Viper V-SPEC “SPEC STOCK” F1/Indy Lexan

Race 1 was pretty much a crash fest, so be patient. The fastest (and shortest) video was Race 4.


March 2, 2024 Track Day Video

I’ve posted a few videos of the action from last Saturday’s track day. Sadly, yours truly messed up and didn’t get the race management screen in the recordings. It’s pretty boring without that but it is what it is.

The first video below is a short clip of the action before the first races if you just want to take a quick look at the paddock.

Note: If you want to watch fullscreen, right-click on link and open in a new tab or window. These videos are private, only somebody with the below links can find or view them.


The following are clips of three of the five races we did after practice ended.

Madeline Johnson finds her mojo and wins the final race of day!



2024 Open Wheel Series, Round 1 Video Coverage

Race 2, 3, and 4 are up on Rumble. I’m very sorry, I spaced and didn’t record the first race, which was a great one with seven drivers in the mix.

Also, the Turn 2 camera got knocked out of position so that scene is a bit skewed of where it should be.

Click on the links above the embedded videos to view this full-screen.
Race 2: Viper V-SPEC “F1/Indy” Lexan IROC (c/o Eric “Fast” Lane)

Race 3: MegaG+ 1.7 F1/Indy Hardbody IROC (c/o Webster Motorsports)

Race 4: Viper V-SPEC “SPEC STOCK” Lexan

Open Track Day Video: January 27, 2024

Another cool open track day on the 27th. We had a great turnout of junior and team drivers in the AM session and then another great turnout of Sportsman and Expert drivers in the afternoon.

We recorded a lot of the days action but only captured three of the fun races with the SlotTrak screens and these three were late-in-the-day and only three drivers remaining.

New camera view of SR3.

Still, for those interested, below is a link to those races on Rumble. I edited each video as much as possible but didn’t have time to reduce them to the nitty-gritty, so you’ll have to fast-forward through crashes or just grin and bear it. And, yes, we crashed a bunch.

The main reason for posting these particular videos is to show everyone a new video shooting scene setup. If you have time, please check it out. This setup utilizes two cameras above opposite corners of the track and switches between each view throughout the video, showing the SlotTrak scoring screens in one of the two whole-track scenes.


Please feel free to comment below. The next step in this video venture is to get some close-up video of various areas of the track and be able to produce slow-motion shots of the action.

Thank you all for showing up and supporting another very fun track day.

SR2 Straight Road Course

Next Saturday will be another open track day, if enough interest. Our racing season-opener will be February 10th. Stay tuned for more details on our first racing series of the 2024 season. It’s all open-wheel cars and probably three oval events and two road course events. Hopefully, one of the oval events will be held on SR2’s oval or road course.

Okay, shut up and drive!