Stewart Raceway Wall Of Fame

The last 2023 Wall Of Fame plaques have been nailed and we’ve completed the season with seven (7) awards:

    • Junior Champion (Abe Maddox)
    • Sportsman Champion (Kevin Webster)
    • 50/50 Series Sportsman Champ (Jordan Walker)
    • 50/50 Series Expert Champ (George Peters)
    • 50/50 “Xtreme” Series Champ (Aaron Castro)
    • Most Improved Driver (Jerry Pearson)
    • Team of the Year (Team Maddox)

There was one additional plaque hung this season. Jerry Pearson won Rookie of the Year honors in 2022 and somehow we didn’t get that plaque up on the wall in 2022. Sorry, Jerry! It’s on the wall now.

One of the cool highlights of the 2023 season was the many female drivers that competed at Stewart Raceway.  We’ve been blessed by truly great and very competitive female drivers who love to race. The drivers listed below win races and are amazing drivers who are only going to get better and better:

    • Shaylin Maddox (Sportsman)
    • Martha Elderon (Sportsman)
    • Madeline Johnson (Junior)
    • Grace Maddox (Junior)

Next season we may consider separate awards for female drivers but I fully expect at least some of the above drivers to win awards outright. They are awesome!

Okay, shut up and drive!

Final Round of 2023 50/50 Xtreme Series Captured On Video

Yep, we video-recorded all four official races of Round 4. Could be a little boring since we didn’t have enough marshals to pull off a normal race, so there are a lot of yellow flags and other interruptions. However, you can fast forward, rewind, skip, whatever. The bottom line is you can learn a lot about reviewing how you did during a race.

Check out what’s here and let me know what you think. Lots to work out, including better lighting, presentation, and plenty of other improvements.

Okay, shut up and drive!

Driver Stats Updated

Okay, I finally updated the driver stats on the site. A few interesting metrics are available at the moment:

      • Driver average placing for both races and heats/segments, and driver’s total laps, for each track and layout.
      • Driver total race wins.
      • Driver total heat/segment wins.

I think I have a good system for doing this now so I should be able to keep this data updated going forward. Please let me know in the comments section below if you can think of any other interesting metrics to report. I’m no SQL guru but I love dinking around with this stuff.

So who’s the most prolific driver in our group? If you exclude our expert drivers, junior driver, Abe Maddox has the most race and segment wins.

“Official” 2023 Season Points Standings

Below is a summary of the current points standings for all “official” racing to date for the 2023 racing season.

Who will take home the Season’s trophy?

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Kevin Webster 2773 735 26066.3
2 Aaron Castro 1015 401 8840.121
3 Jordan Walker 1980 385 15915.75
4 Jerry Pearson 1511 336 14395.3
5 Eric Lane 1440 183 12701.97
6 Shaylin Maddox 637 173 4788.795
7 Abe Maddox 550 153 4541.577
8 Fred Ebert 189 79 1658.412
1 Steve Stewart* 3382 1202 26227.38
2 George Peters* 2753 705 18209.27

* Denotes Expert ranked drivers.

The trophies shown are not the actual 2023 trophies.

With just one or two more races possible this season, it looks like Sportsman points leader, Kevin Webster (Webster Motorsports),  has a very good shot at the 2023 Season Championship trophy.

Based on his performance in Round 3 of the 50/50 Xtreme Series, Aaron Castro has a mathematical shot at the trophy. However, Kevin would have to miss at least one remaining round and Aaron would need another stellar day like he had in Round 3 to pull it off.  I guess we’ll just have to see if we can complete one or two more rounds before the end of the year.

Jordan Walker, also a championship contender, is expected to miss at least the next round, which, unfortunately, will take him out of contention for the championship win.

Okay, shut up and drive!