OS3 TFX “Lite”

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TFX Ready To Run Chassis

    • OS3 TFX Lite – RTR Pancake Platform, 16.5-ohm arm, 15T crown gear,  OS3 Black Dragon magnets, any non-open-wheel hard body .
TFX Chassis are a new type of Pancake-Style-Motor chassis. They combine the best features of the Thunderjet and AFX chassis and a few of our own. They are Ready to Run. Just Snap, Oil and Tweak. Snap in the Guide Pin, Oil the Chassis, and Tweak the Shoes and you are ready to go.
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With the TFX, OS3 has re-imagined the Pancake-Motored chassis with a modified design, incorporating some of the principal features of the Aurora Thunderjet and AFX chassis.  This has yielded a Truly Beautiful, Lightweight, Low Center of Gravity, Great Handling chassis that is Ready-to-Run (RTR) right out of the package.

This class is essentially a box-stock TFX chassis with just one upgrade allowed: Racer’s may replace the factory Gray Dragons motor magnets with the Black Dragon motor magnet upgrade.

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1 review for OS3 TFX “Lite”

  1. idwurks

    @StewartRaceway — What constitutes are “Hard body?” I know it’s a weird question, but I am curious if it is stiffness, weight, what defines it? I have some .020″ Lexan shells that are TFX width and are vintage CanAm cars. I could easily make them work with body mounts, but wanted to ask around the definition. I could easily weight them up so they weigh the same.

    • Race Director

      Thanks for posting, Ian. Currently both TFX classes (Lite & Modified) only allow plastic, resin, or 3D-printed bodies. We can certainly discuss allowing Lexan bodies, of course. Let’s discuss in the TFX Modified forum and se if we can get some participation.

  2. slotn77

    Way awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a great example of getting something right. If you like driving and racing T-Jets, this platform is simply the best. Incredibly fast out of the box, affordable, and so much easier to tune and maintain than the venerable Aurora T-Jet. OS3 quite simply nailed it with this product. We’ve only raced IROC at this point but plan to add the car to our active races as soon as we have enough drivers who’ve purchased the platform. The stock chassis is way fun to drive but adding Black Dragon magnets makes it much more like a Fray or Super Stock car. This thing is the the T-Jet reborn!

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