MegaG+ 1.7 “Modified”

Just a box-stock long-wheelbase Mega G+ with a body constructed from any premium-grade glossy photo paper or equivalent. Race Director may specify body style requirements on a race-by-race basis. Make the body durable. Car must have 90% of its body intact upon completing any segment or race.

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Everybody has at least one of these cars in their box. Rules are simple:

HOCOC AFX Support Class with a paper body.

SK Modifieds Specifications

Only the Tomy 1.7 Mega G+ chassis legal. Must be stock. No aftermarket parts permitted except the following:

    1. Viper replacement pick up shoes are allowed.
    2. Pickup springs may be changed or modified.
    3. The traction magnets must be a minimum height (recessed) 0.022 when measured from the bottom of the chassis and positioned in the low-downforce configuration.
    4. Bodies are a Whelen-style “paper-constructed” body from premium glossy photo paper. MegaG+ “Lite” cars allowed in this class.
      • Numbers must be on both doors and the roof of the body.
    5. Absolutely no cutting, lightening or any other modification allowed to the car’s body. Re-paints are permitted. Body types (i.e., stock car, sports car, open wheel, GTP, etc.) are to be determined on a race-by-race basis.
    6. Aftermarket plastic, resin, or 3D-printed bodies are allowed providing the above are followed.



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