U-Build Tomahawk

  • U-Build Tomahawk: Tyco 440-X2 Wide-chassis Platform
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U-Build Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is based on a Tyco 440-X2 Wide-chassis Platform with a chassis-specific Lexan body. The body snaps onto the chassis but doubled-sided tape is recommended to better secure it.

Class Rules:

Body: Painted Harden Creek ® Tomahawk Lexan body (Teddyhawk bodies may be substituted). It is highly recommended that you stick the body to the chassis with some adhesive material to keep it located during the race. Bodies should be trimmed to comply with 1.312 inch width requirements (as they do not fit within this dimension without trimming). Front and rear wheel wells will require trimming.

Chassis and Bulkheads: Stock Tyco or Mattel wide pan chassis, any country of origin. Loose bulkheads may be shimmed. No ball bearings. Rail wear is permitted but bulkheads cannot be sanded or otherwise modified. The front axle holes may be reamed to .052”. Peening is allowed.

Magnets: Stock Tyco motor and traction magnets only. Zapping of magnets is allowed. Tyco reverse zap traction magnets OK. Completed car must measure no greater than 18 grams of force on VRP downforce meter.

Armature: Must use stock type armature (6 ohm minimum). May use hot stock 6 ohm arms.

Electrical: You may use any brand shoes you like. You may use any brand stock format motor brushes and springs (no big foot types).

Gears: Stock gear ratio (7/25) but may use whatever brand plastic gears you prefer as long as ratio is maintained.

Front Wheels: You may use any brand front wheels and axles including independent set-ups. Width maximum 1.312 inches including tires.

Rear Wheels: Rear wheels and axles may be stock or aftermarket. Any material may be used. Width maximum 1.312 inches including tires.

Rear Tires: Rear tires will be slip-on silicone (recommend green compound A super tires or .440 minimum diameter). Any brand silicone slip on rear tires OK. No sponge-silicone tires (dual compound).

Guide Pin: Only one guide pin may be used. Any brand guide pin may be used.


    1. If the usability of any part is in question then use the stock OMS component(s).
    2. Note that the rail typically measures 0.015 tall around HSRW. SJSW rail height is 0.013.
    3. No component on car may measure more than 1.312 wide (wheels, chassis, body, etc.).
    4. Races shall be run at 15.0 volts +/- .25 volts.
    5. Final interpretation is with the race director.

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