Racing Platform Rules

With just a few exceptions, Stewart Raceway has adopted HOPRA’s 2022 platform rules for the 2022 racing season. The primary reason for this is that HOPRA is a national organization and has been racing the types of cars we currently race for over 45 years. Their rules are nationally accepted, well recognized, widely used, thoroughly debated, and well managed.

The HOPRA rules are actually extremely close to our previous rules and do not require many changes to the cars we currently run. Below is a table that should help in translating our current car classes to the applicable HOPRA car class. The below links are Stewart Raceway published rules, which supersede any changes in HOPRA rules until such rules are evaluated and approved. HOPRA’s complete 2022 Racing Rulebook is available online for your reference.

Current Class Designations HOPRA Class Designations Key Differences
OS3 TFX “Lite” None No HOPRA rules—yet.
OS3 TFX “Modified” None No HOPRA rules—yet.
VSR Viper “Viper-Jet” SPEC JET CAR CLASS Brass only weights from OEM.
VSR Viper V-SPEC “Lexan” SPEC RACER CAR CLASS HOPRA allows adjustable motor brush tension, we don’t.
VSR Viper V-SPEC “Hardbody” SPEC STOCK CAR CLASS HOPRA allows fewer body choices, we allow any hardbody.
VSR Viper V-SPEC “Formula V” SPEC JET CAR CLASS Combined with HOPRA SPEC JET class rules.
Super Stock SUPER STOCK CAR CLASS HOPRA does not allow L4 Compression-molded polymer magnets, only ceramic. HOPRA allows dual-compound tires. We allow L4 magnets but do not allow dual-compound tires.
Please Note: HOPRA specifies a minimum of 18-volts track power for most classes, 12.5-volts for SPEC JET classes, and 20-volts for T-Jet style classes. We general run the majority of magnet car classes at 15.1 volts, G/V-Jet classes at 12.1 volts, and our TFX classes at 18.1 volts. Again, our published voltages supercede HOPRA's rules. Track voltage settings for each class are listed on each class rules page.

Please thoroughly review these rules and address any issues you feel need further discussion/debate in our forums or with the Race Director.

Please keep in mind, these are rules for the many classes that we run that are nationally recognized and supported. We can certainly run any class of car our local community wants to run. These HOPRA rules have been adopted to provide uniformity and solidarity with our regional and national Slot Car brethren. The hope is that we can unite—as a country—and support a manageable and standard set of rules that can be easily adopted by all racing groups, large and small.  It’s way past time to unify and grow this way cool sport/hobby. The only way to accomplish that goal is to organize, unify, and standardize.