SR3 Road Course Open Track Day, June 4, 2022

Many thanks to those of you who attended the event Saturday. We ran a bunch of practice laps on the SR3 straight road course and then one  IROC fuel race using a house set of 440-X2 “Narrow” Lexan Hammerhead cars.

We also introduced another new driver into the mix. Our most recent new driver, Jerry Pearson, brought along a friend, Randy Cook, who raced 1/24-scale cars years ago as well as 1/1-scale Formula 1000 racing cars.

Seem like Randy and Jerry enjoyed the racing action since both made the podium in the 150-lap IROC race. Nice!

2021 Rookie of the Year, Brad Sandahl, took the top podium spot after battling with Jerry and Randy the whole race.

Both Brad and another new driver, Jared Johnson, brought along their amazing daughters, Carrie and Madeline, who actually did very well driving at lower voltages but amazingly attentive at both driving and marshaling.

While we’re definitely planning a Kid’s Race Day very soon, next Saturday is Round 2 of the NASCAR MADness Series on the SR3 road course. Hoping to see all our new and old drivers battling each other on the road course with NASCAR-style cars next Saturday. Stay tuned for details.

Okay, shut up and drive!

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