Under The Lights Series

A formal racing series that involves one particular type of car on both oval and road courses and a fixed racing format.

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Work in progress...

Introducing the “Under the Lights” Series. This series will be run on Friday nights on oval courses.

Car Platform:
The initial series will “feature” a Box Stock MegaG+ 1.7 (Long Wheelbase) chassis’.

Car Tech:
Just prior to each driver qualifying, their car will be quickly visually inspected and two measurements will be taken: 1) The car with body installed must pass through standard 1-5/16 tech block; 2) The car’s downforce will be measured on a host-chosen standard VRP MDM. The specific maximum downforce limit is a variable but will be announced prior to each race. The car will also be tested on a VRP Dyno. Any car producing extraordinary RPM’s will be set aside and further scrutinized by race officials.

Bodies can be either fully fendered late-model NASCAR or SK/Whelen Modified hard bodies.  Bodies can be lowered but NASCAR bodies must cover all four wheels as observed from directly above.

Racing Formats:
Race format will be Race-to-the-Line in all races.

Time Trial Qualifying
The nightly format will start with qualifying. The top three fast qualifiers earn points toward the series championship but their starting positions in the subsequent qualifier races are inverted. Meaning each fast qualifier starts at the back of the field stagger in each of the subsequent Scratch races.

Scratch Races
The program consists of three “Scratch” races, where the top three points earners of three “qualifying” races advance to the “A” Main event. Scratch races will typically be between 20 and 30 laps and may or may not include fuel allocation. Again, the top three total points earners of these three races automatically advance to the “A” Main.

The “B” Main
All drivers who did not earn a transfer to the “A” Main will contest the “B” Main but will start in reverse order of their points total earned in the three scratch races. This means that the lowest points earner of the three scratch races will start the “B” Main in the first staggered position, Lane 1, second lowest in Lane 2, etc. The top two finishers of the “B” main advance to the “A” Main.

Consolation Race (Last Chance)
All drivers who did not advance to the “A” Main in the Scratch races or the “B” Main will qualify for the Consi race. Again, drivers will be staged in the Consi race in reverse order of their points totals. Meaning, the lowest points earner will start on the pole, and so on. The winner of the “Last Chance” race advances to the “A” Main but starts in the same starting position as the scratch race points leader.

The points system for this series is the same: 16, 13, 11, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Points are earned for completed races only, no heat points are awarded. Qualifying points will be 3, 2, 1.

Entry Fees:
No entree fee for regular Stewart Raceway members. Driver donations to help defray the cost of “end of series” awards are welcome, of course.

Event Hosting:
To make it easier on hosts and hostesses, providing anything other than the typical drinks and snacks is optional. Drivers are strongly encouraged to bring snacks and/or drinks also. This will help keep costs down to a minimum and hosting a bit easier on track operators. Unless otherwise specified in event announcements, participants should plan on bringing their own munchies and drinks. Of course, participants are free to “donate” to track operators to help defray costs, and track operators are encouraged to have a donation “bowl” (or wheelbarrow) accessible at each event.

Per event awards are optional and up to the hosting track owner. Hosting track operators are required to post current or previous series standings. At the final race of the series, the winner of the series will be awarded a mondo trophy to take home to proudly display.

Each track operator decides what, if any, additional awards are provided for each event and the series finale.

Stay tuned for a calendar of events.

Okay, shut up and drive!


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