Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 2

Cool napkins to go with the donuts, courtesy of Eric Lane in Round 1.

Round 2 was another fast and furious day of racing on the SR3 “Squeeze Lane” road course. The short stories were Jordan Walker topping the Sportsman points and  George Peters collecting the majority of Expert points. The weather was sunny but fairly cool so we had the heater blasting most of the day.

Race 1: Viper-Jet “Maximum Leeway” Lexan

Oops! Forgot to take the podium shot.

The first race was pretty tight in the Expert ranks with only one lap separating Home Cook’n and George Peters.

In the Sportsman ranks, Jordan Walker and Jerry Pearson battled it out with only one lap separating 4th and 5th. Kevin Webster bagged the final podium spot. As is often the case with Viper-Jets, no driver achieved the coveted perfect score of 80 total laps. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 78 16 798.835
2 George Peters 77 13 734.617
3 Kevin Webster 74 11 830.573
4 Jordan Walker 70 7 887.619
5 Jerry Pearson 69 6 754.823
6 Martha Elderon 66 5 870.534
Race 2: MegaG+ 1.7 Support Class

Speaking of blasting, the second race was hot and heavy with very close racing in both the Expert and Sportsman ranks. George Peters held off for the overall win against Home Cook’n by just one lap and Kevin Webster and Jerry Pearson tied on total laps with Kevin taking the final podium spot on run time. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 80 16 845.583
2 Steve Stewart 79 13 866.609
3 Kevin Webster 75 11 794.451
4 Jerry Pearson 75 7 865.445
5 Martha Elderon 71 6 748.839
6 Jordan Walker 66 5 675.186
Race 3: Viper V-SPEC Lexan

Race 3 was as always blistering fast with everybody running V-SPEC Vipers with either GTP or NASCAR-style bodies. Sportsman driver, Jordan Walker, impressed us all with a standout performance in this one. The battle initially was hot and heavy between Home Cook’n and George Peters. However, George would have a couple of offs in his second segment costing him a couple of laps. Jordan started his rotation in the third segment and would finish first or second in the first three and third in his final segment, which put him just one lap ahead of George in second overall. Nice driving by Jordan!

Meanwhile, Kevin Webster and Jerry Pearson had a battle of their own going for the remaining Sportsman points. Kevin finished as “Mr. Consistent” with three 3rd places and one 2nd place finish and two laps up on Jerry Pearson going into the last two segments. (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 16 427.848
2 Jordan Walker 79 13 505.84
3 George Peters 78 11 461.878
4 Kevin Webster 72 7 512.001
5 Jerry Pearson 70 6 481.817
6 Martha Elderon 61 5 492.444
Race 4: Jag Hobbies TR-3 “Augoran” Hardbodies

The final race of Round 2 was back to the “Honor System” of marshaling since we only had four drivers participating. Once again, Jordan Walker proved he’s the real deal with a very good run of 75 laps, two 2nds a 3rd, and winning the final segment. It may look like a Home Cook’n show on paper but it was a lot more than that as fuel strategies came into play for almost all drivers in the final segment.  (Details)

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 79 16 1123.52
2 Jordan Walker 75 13 1159.132
3 George Peters 73 11 1135.72
4 Kevin Webster 67 7 1182.673

All in all, another great day of racing in the 2023 50/50 Racing Series. The MegaG+ 1.7 class seems to be the most competitive for both Expert and Sportsman drivers.

Sportsman Point Standings after Round 2:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Kevin Webster 584 71 6033.374
2 Jordan Walker 581 69 5862.457
3 Jerry Pearson 432 37 3980.007
4 Martha Elderon 411 29 4115.863
5 Eric Lane 279 26 2840.358
6 Tim Bisson 126 6 1366.187
7 Jake Bisson 89 4 1250.72

Looks like it might be a dogfight between Kevin and Jordan for the Sportsman series trophy, we’ll see.

Expert Point Standings after Round 2:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 623 109 5681.098
2 Steve Stewart 635 119 5951.572

In the Expert ranks, George is well positioned to take the overall against Home Cook’n, with or without the Home Cook’n handicap stuff. Great driving and car prep, George!

Okay, we’ll likely have an open track day this coming Saturday and hold Round 3 the following Saturday, March 4, 2023.

Okay, shut up and drive!

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