Race Report: 2023 50/50 Racing Series, Round 1

While the weather didn’t cooperate, the slot car faithful certainly did. Nice turnout in spite of the rainy conditions and lack of shuttle service from the parking lots to the paddock. Oh well, 1/64 scale shuttles can’t transport many “real” people anyway.

Okay, so the short stories are a battle royale between George Peters and “Home Cook’n” in the Expert class and Jordan Walker and Kevin Webster in the Sportsman class.

George Peters, Home Cook’n, Kevin Webster. (Right-click and open in a new tab for a larger image.)

Race 1: Mega-G+ 1.7 Support Class (NASCAR bodies) (18v)

Wow! This was the debut of our new MG+ Support class and the summary of results shows just how competitive this class is. Yea, the two experts (1 & 2) in the race had more laps in the end. But look at the Sportsman class results, very close competition and very exciting racing. George Peters had a very good run in the expert class while Kevin Webster and Jerry Pearson battled it out in the Sportsman class. Jerry held the lead until the sixth segment with 75-laps but Kevin finished off the the last two segments with 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the last two segments, placing third overall and first in the Sportsman points chase.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 80 16 618.884
2 Steve Stewart 79 13 670.183
3 Kevin Webster 75 11 667.132
4 Jerry Pearson 75 7 725.873
5 Jordan Walker 74 6 653.039
6 Eric Lane 72 5 630.132
7 Martha Elderon 71 4 620.547

Race 2: Mega-G+ 1.7 “Super Modifieds” IROC (18v)

Making a smooth transition to yet another Mega-G+ platform, Race 2 would be an IROC format utilizing box-stock MG+ platforms but with taller and harder compound rear tires. And, of course, an even more top-heavy body style.

A new neighbor, Tim Bisson, and his son, Jake showed up in time for Race 2. Tim and Jake didn’t waste any time deciding to jump right in and race. Jake, only five years old, was amazing in his first slot car race ever. He had incredible throttle control and clicked off lap-after-lap with minimal crashes, finishing the race with a very respectable 56-lap total.  Dad, Tim, returning to slot car racing after 20-years, finished the race with 70-laps, just 5-laps less than the Sportsman race leader–nice!

Martha Elderon came out of the starting grid extremely fast in this first segment posting the Best Lap time and the best Median Lap time, finishing in the segment in second place–nice driving!

In the end, Home Cook’n bagged the Expert win by just one lap over George Peters. The Sportsman class was just as competitive with only 3-laps separating first from fifth. Eric Lane bagged third overall and the top Sportsman points.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 16 684.799
2 George Peters 79 13 676.107
3 Eric Lane 75 11 744.85
4 Jordan Walker 74 7 670.911
5 Kevin Webster 74 6 718.375
6 Jerry Pearson 73 5 659.657
7 Martha Elderon 72 4 778.706
8 Tim Bisson 70 3 746.119
9 Jake Bisson 53 2 732.403

Race 3: Viper V-SPEC “Lexan” (15v)

Always crazy fast, this race was no different. Once again, Martha Elderon came out swinging and bagged a second, two thirds, and a fourth-place finish in this fast and furious race.

Jordan Walker would bag three second-place finishes and Eric Lane would bag two second-place finishes, very nice driving.

In the end, George Peters was not going to be outdone by Home Cook’n. George took the lead in the race in Segment 5 and never looked back, winning three of his four rotations and besting Home Cook’n on total run time for the win.

The backstories in this one are many but Jerry and Martha finished on the same lap with Jerry besting Martha by just a hair over 2 seconds in their final segment. Very close racing, indeed.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 80 16 478.143
2 Steve Stewart 80 13 598.6
3 Jordan Walker 77 11 495.259
4 Kevin Webster 74 7 504.747
5 Jerry Pearson 70 6 492.392
6 Martha Elderon 70 5 604.793
7 Eric Lane 69 4 639.381
8 Tim Bisson 56 3 620.068
9 Jake Bisson 36 2 518.317

Race 4: Viper Jet “Maximum Leeway” Lexan (15v)

Well, we lost a few racers prior to this one but five of us pressed on and finished the program. The last race was a bit slower pace but we ran these cool rigs at 15v, which is a bit challenging on any course.

Other than a few gnarly crashes involving dislodged parts and loud noises, this one was fairly uneventful. Both Kevin Webster and Eric Lane posted second-place segment finishes in this one with Kevin bagging the final podium spot and a third overall.

Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Steve Stewart 80 16 781.178
2 George Peters 76 13 730.166
3 Kevin Webster 73 11 823.422
4 Jordan Walker 66 7 815.471
5 Eric Lane 63 6 825.995

Okay, a very nice day of racing. Bad weather is what slot cars were made for and today was a perfect example of having fun even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Great to meet Tim and Jake. Most people typically just hang out and observe or help corner marshal slot car races when they first check it out or get back into it. Tim and Jake jumped right into the mayhem and did very well. Jake is definitely going to enjoy the frequent kids’ races and Tim looks like he’ll have no trouble at all getting up to speed racing with us “Slotheads”. Hope they both enjoyed it and return for more fun soon.

So what’s the story after Round one of this new series?

Sportsman Point Standings after Round 1:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 Kevin Webster 296 35 2713.676
2 Jordan Walker 291 31 2634.68
3 Eric Lane 279 26 2840.358
4 Jerry Pearson 218 18 1877.922
5 Martha Elderon 213 13 2004.046
6 Tim Bisson 126 6 1366.187
7 Jake Bisson 89 4 1250.72
Expert Points Standings after Round 1:
Place Name Laps Points Total Time
1 George Peters 315 58 2503.3
2 Steve Stewart 319 58 2734.76
Eric always brings something to every race. These are napkins to help serve the awesome Krispy Creme donuts he often brings to get us through the day. Thanks for the chocolates also, Eric!

I think we should stick with this Mega-G+ 1.7 class, it seems to be one of the more competitive classes of cars we’ve run here at Stewart Raceway and it’s a very easy car to prepare and compete with.

We’ll likely do a track day next Saturday and Round 2 the following Saturday. Stay tuned for the calendar updates.

Okay, shut up and drive!


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